Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spend time together

Something that I have found useful in keeping our marriage strong is to strive to be flexible to be able to work with whatever Ken’s schedule is. In our home Ken is the one who works outside the home and supports our family while I am blessed to be a homemaker. I do also have a couple of home businesses (Doing wedding flowers and teaching private music lessons) but my hours are far less scheduled than his are.

  This has been an intentional choice on our part as we have wanted me to be able to care for our children. It is also very beneficial for our marriage. It is my goal that just as much as possibly when Ken isn’t working that we (the whole family) or even just I am able to do things with him if he so desires. Some of the time in evenings and on weekends he wants to work on projects of his own (he does a lot of computer program developing in his off hours) but when he wants to spend time with us we try to be available.

  This week I have an opportunity to spend more time with Ken I just needed to be  willing to adjust my schedule a little. Ken has some continuing education classes at a big resort a couple hours south of where we live. The classes were long enough (ending late enough and starting early enough) that he didn’t feel like driving back and forth each day so he was planning on staying there. He originally planned to go by himself but then realized he would have quite a bit of his evening free and it would be more fun if I could come along.

 He brought it up this week so there wasn’t much time to plan and there was quite a few things on my schedule that I did need to reschedule but at the encouragement of my mom who said they would be glad to have our children stay with them for 3 nights I got busy and made my schedule work out so I could head out with Ken. Piano lessons that were supposed to be on one of the days were thankfully already cancelled, I switched wedding flowers that were supposed to arrive during that time (for a wedding this weekend) to come to the resort instead so I could work on them there while Ken was busy, I rescheduled an orthodontist appt. for Mara, found somebody else to handle my responsibilities at our Thursday night baseball, I checked the bees, packed up and tried to get other things done that needed to be done this week. It was busy but time spent with my husband is worth tying to get a weeks work done early.

 Making spending time together a priority I think is a very important part of a strong marriage! How do you make it happen in your marriage?


The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love this! My husband works outside the home and I am able to stay home with our baby! It is a blessing. I need to remember to be flexible with his schedule!

Amelia said...

Yes, it is so worth it to make that time isn't it? : )

We have a weekly datenight and it's very nice to have a time to communicate by ourselves. Many evenings we go for a walk together after supper and it's nice to do that too.

Oh my! Wedding flowers? Oh I bet they are lovely! You'll have to post photos sometimes! : )


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