Monday, March 3, 2014

Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing and Some Great Books to Add to Your Homesteading Library

 It is still winter and it is still the season for embracing crafty, handworking sorts of things. At least that is what I think. :-)

  That is what we have been doing too. Mara has been crocheting up a storm lately (taking a break from her normal and much loved cross-stitching). It is so fun to watch her make things as she has a patience and perfectionism that I don't have and tends to make very high quality items (where I can sometimes skip steps and not tear out problems but just make do).

 A new hat was her most recent completed project and now she is working on boot cuffs to match and hoping to make a matching cowl after that. A friend gave her some new yarn so that has been fun to work with.

  I am working on knitting a beret. I did actually do some tearing out yesterday because of a mistake and so I am feeling rather proud of myself. I did have quite a bit of time to work on it yesterday while sitting at our county Republican Convention. Handwork is always rather nice to have to work on at a time like that. Knitting is great (as long as it isn't to complicated) because I can knit and still watch whatever is going on.

   Something that we have found useful while working on our projects is "Reader's Digests' Complete Guide to Needlework". A great book put together in a wonderfully organized manner. I love to have it as a resource on our shelves.
Thinking about that book reminded me of another book that we love around here and that is: "Back to the Basics" also compiled by Reader's Digest. This book has so much information on so many fun topics, from beekeeping to gardening, from ice cream making to rug making, from canoeing to building a house. If the topic has to do with old fashioned living it is likely discussed. There are tons of fun pictures and it just is a really good overview of the homesteading lifestyle. Covering so many topics it cannot be in great depth on any of them but we have still found it helpful many times. This is a book I used to check out from the library regularly as a child and then I did some as an adult too and my kids also grew to love it. We were thrilled when one day our neighbor Heidi brought it over saying that she had found it second hand and thought we might like it. She had no idea how happy we would be with that gift!

 Both books are ones I heartily recommend having on your homestead book shelf.
Another quick project from yesterday was to sew up a nursing shawl for a friend that has a new baby. She had thought one would be very nice to have. I tried a different style than I had done before but I hope it will work well and be useful for her. If I can do anything to encourage new mother's in breast feeding their babies than I am glad to help!

 Have you been working on any projects lately? Are there any fun homesteading books that you recommend?

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