Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Excited to Have More Time to Focus on Home and Family and Sharing the Gospel

  I am pretty excited to have more time available again!

Harvest is over - with all the canning and processing that goes with that.,

Wedding season is over -I only have one more wedding scheduled for 2016 so most Saturdays are free again.

The election is over - I worked as hard as I could to promote a person I thought would do well for our country and I prayed for a miracle but that was not to be this time. Life goes on with the full realization that God is in control, He works in ways that we don't always understand and I am super excited to see how He can be glorified and have His church grow through all of this. (I am also super excited about some of the local candidates that we supported winning and also the way Congress turned out.)

Mara and Jonathan's summer job at the ice cream shop is over for now as they closed up for the winter. It is lovely to have them home again and also doing their chores a little more regularly again.

So tomorrow will be a day at home (with nothing scheduled - no music students, no consultations....). I am looking forward to really giving my house some attention that it deserves in the cleaning and organizing department. I think it would be fun to work on a little decorating, maybe a little mending that has been rather neglected. I am looking forward to having plenty of time to visit at mealtimes, to reading to all of my kids together (so often the last few months 1 or 2 have been gone) after lunch. To just enjoy our time together.

  I have really been thinking a lot about how I can better share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. That news is so much more important than telling somebody about a particular candidate or talking politics or anything else. So I am seeking God's leading in that. I want to be used of Him and I don't want to ever make excuses and pretend to be to busy to let Him use me to reach others.

  Have you found this time of year to be a slower time for you as well or does life still seem to be super busy? Hopefully I can share some highlights of our day with you tomorrow.


Amy and Mark said...

I am glad to hear life will slow down a bit there! Fall is always so busy. - We are also not thrilled with the results of the President Elect BUT we have hope that with God all things are possible. Like you, we also had some excellent local candidates elected and are very excited that ours are in full support of homeschooling in our state. Thanks be to God.

Abbi said...

That is a blessing that you have some representatives that are supportive of homeschooling. That is an important issue to look at when voting for people. We are blessed to live at a point in time when homeschooling has become pretty accepted but we do always want to be vigilant to make sure that doesn't change.


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