Thursday, September 14, 2017

Changes at Our Place

 Last month brought some changes with it. Jonathan turned 16 years old and shortly thereafter got his drivers' license. Shortly before that he had bought a car from my brother. So, now we have another licensed driver with his own set of wheels.
I knew that it would bring some changes but I didn't realize quite how much. Obviously Ken and I can choose to say "no" to his driving but so far everything he has wanted to do makes sense or is perfectly fine but it is a change.

   So far....

  • He has been driving himself to work most of the time rather than riding in with Ken when he goes to work and then hanging out at Ken's office for the extra time. I like this because that means Jonathan is home more. Jonathan thought it was really important because then he could do his school work here at home where I could be around to help when needed. He is able to give Mara rides some too when their schedules work out.
  • He has driven to baseball and church some just because it is fun or because he was already in town for work or he thinks he needs to go to the store afterwards. That is really kind of weird to me to be bringing multiple cars and not have my family all together but I think this will tone down a little and it isn't a big deal.
  • When the rest of the family went to a 4-H shooting event in southern MN last weekend Jonathan opted to stay home and do chores and was able to drive over to Grandpa and Grandmas to help out, go to church and go over to my sisters' for supper all in his own car.
  • He was able to take his siblings on errands.
  • He was able to go after work over to help his Granddad out.
  • And today he and Aaron headed off on their own to go camping. We do have other family members camping up north too and we are joining them tomorrow but still it is weird to have our boys just leave us and go like that. I think it is cool though too - Ken and I can't go early because of our work, Mara has schooling to work on and Megan actually did go early catching a ride with Granddad and Nana but the boys can go have fun all on their own. It was pretty fun watching them get ready for it as they planned all their food to prepare on their own until we get their tomorrow evening. They also took along tarps and all of our tents so that they can get the whole site set up before we arrive. It is looking rather nice to have a son with his own wheels.
This experience is also a good opportunity for Jonathan to learn about budgeting and managing money wisely. He worked and saved up to pay for his own car. He is also the one who pays for his insurance (under our plan so that he saves money but he pays for his part) and for his gas and any repairs that are needed. Ken had him work out a budget before he ever got the car to figure out how he would pay for everything. For us having the kids pay for things like this themselves makes sense as we think it makes them appreciate it a little more and to start realizing what they are going to be facing as adults and to prepare for that.

 Do you have children that drive? Did that change things a lot at your place? I am curious what your take is on having children paying for things like their own car and insurance - do you do it that way or do you prefer to pay for it for them?


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have a son who drives. It did change a lot of things. I miss our "family" car rides. Seems like he always has to be somewhere earlier or stay later.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have a son who drives. It did change a lot of things. I miss our "family" car rides. Seems like he always has to be somewhere earlier or stay later.

Nola said...

How does he fit in the car? He looks sooo tall! :)

No drivers here yet...a few more years before that. I can't even believe how old my oldest is getting and she's not quite 12...I know, it probably sounds young to you. :)

Martin Meffert said...

When our 2 children started driving car they could take use of one of our 2 family cars. All costs were taken over by us, i.e. their parents. Our children were aware that we are working hard to earn money, and so they learnt being responsible for family`s budget. As a result, they were very reasonable in using the cars from the first day on.

Abbi said...

Chrissy, It sounds like we are dealing with much the same thing. Part of our growing up as parents I guess. :-)

Nola, I know, he is tall! He has passed his dad up now and is 6' 2". He does manage to fit in there somehow though. :-) I thought that your oldest was close in age with my youngest. I understand 11 being old. It is hard for me to believe that we don't have any children younger than that!

Martin, Thanks for pointing out how responsibility can also be learned when doing things differently than we do.


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