Friday, November 24, 2017

Redefining Truth {A Book Review}

For the last month I have been reading this book - "Redefining Truth". I am not usually a slow reader, and the book is quite interesting but with all we have had going on I tended to fall asleep after reading a paragraph or two so progress was rather slow. Anyway, it is read now and I am happy to have read it.

   I wanted to read it in the first place because I had earlier had a chance to read David Fiorazo's other book : "The Cost of Our Silence" and I really appreciated being able to learn what he was writing about and I figured this one would be much the same. It was.

  This book addresses a lot of current issues among them talking about things like how our culture is wanting to say that their is no "truth" concerning the gender you are, that there is no "truth" concerning what marriage is supposed to be and there is no "truth" concerning how you get to heaven. On all those issues and more our culture (with the devil working very hard to spread this message) is trying to tell us that these things are up to you- that whatever you choose is truth. If we believe God and the Bible we know this is not so.

   I like David Fiorazo's writing because he presents me with a lot of facts about what is truly going on and he compares that with what God says in his word. We need that!

   Another topic he addresses is the common happening of unmarried people living together as if they were married. This is so very common anymore but that doesn't make it right. I really appreciated these thoughts that he shared on this issue:
"I can understand why so many people choose to live together before getting married (some having not intention of marrying at all). It's what they think will make them happy. Isn't this the ultimate deciding factor? Will the other person (finally) be the perfect one to satisfy me? Will they serve me, please me sexually, make my life better, and make me their number one?

  Marriage however, is about finding someone to commit to be with for the rest of your life, someone you will commit to serve and sacrifice for regardless of life's ups and downs. We do not need a test run (as if we were buying a new car that will meet our needs) in order to the quality decision to love another person for life. We need a mature understanding of covenants, of what "I do" really means, and what true love really is."

If you are married already that is still some good thoughts to chew on. What is our view of our spouse? Is it as someone I can love or serve or are you focused on what they are doing for you?

  Just a couple of other random thoughts on this book:

  • The book is focused on seeking truth and standing up for it so I did find it a little weird that he so often spoke fairly highly of President Trump and his administration (who struggle a lot to tell the truth it seems to me). Now, I did learn some things from this book about some good things that Trump and his administration have done and I am grateful for that insight as I admit I have been fairly negative concerning this administration (not that I would have liked a Clinton administration any better!).
  • In his book he seems to point towards the doctrine of once saved always saved which I do not believe is biblical (You can see my detailed post on that here.) He also seemed to think that being baptized was a work that you do and so then is must not be needed for salvation. I disagree with that thought and you can see why in the post I wrote about it here.
 For the most part I really appreciated this book and will be glad to have it on my shelf to refer back to from time to time.

  You can find it on Amazon if you care to purchase it.

Disclaimer: I did receive this book free for purposes of reviewing but all views expressed are my own. 


Jodie Freed said...

Very interesting. Before mandering over to this blog, I just read this blog post...

Abbi said...

That post and this book go together perfectly.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Very interesting review Abbi. It certainly does seem that this generation views truth as a living document that can be changed and altered at their will and pleasure. Of course, this is a pleasant lie that tastes good in the mouth, and is poison to the soul. God's word is true, and it cannot be altered, truly it is the poison of satan to use such a pleasant tasting lie. It is so sad to see. It was good to read your honest and straightforward review. Many blessings to you :)

Abbi said...

Thank you, Marilyn!


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