Friday, January 5, 2018

Medieval Girls

I haven't been writing on here very much and so there are so many different things that I would love to tell about that it seems like my posts could get a little jumbled.

    I don't know if I have told you before or not but this year our homeschool co-op is going with a Medieval theme. That means that we have been doing a heavy concentration on learning medieval history around here. It has been rather fun. When we study a period in history we also tend to enjoy being able to dress that way if we so desire so some sewing has taken place as well. Some pieces of clothing tend to span many centuries - things like capes. Mara fell in love with the idea of having a cape several years ago. So, she ordered a couple of wool blankets and made herself a cape. This past spring I was able to use some "velvet" fabric that we had for Megan. Just recently we got busy sewing once again and made capes for a couple of nieces who also enjoy medieval times and had made medieval dresses for themselves. Megan made herself a Medieval dress this past spring and Mara is currently working on one (sewing it by hand out of wool cloth and linen thread and working to make it completely authentic).

 My sister and her family (who recently moved from Wisconsin to less than 2 hours drive away from us - Hooray!) were able to come for Christmas this year and so on Christmas day with the temperatures well below zero we headed out to take pictures of girls in their capes.
 If it had been a little warmer I make have worked a little harder to get some better pictures.
 But I think you can get an idea of their capes that we have made. For my nieces capes I even tried my hand at dyeing fabric as I didn't like how the lining fabric that I had looked and I had some dye on hand. That was great fun!
 Heidi and Megan wore their medieval style dresses that they made on Christmas day. Aren't they pretty?
All the girls in where it is warm.

 We had a wonderful Christmas/New Years time. We were blessed with family and friends being able to spend time with us and just loved the time to relax and enjoy our small family as well. I hope the holidays were a blessing for you as well!


Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What fun to have your girls so excited to dress up in the Medieval time period! You are always so creative, and your children certainly are following in your footsteps! How wonderful that your sister now lives much closer to you! We had a marvelous Christmas, and now here we are in 2018! Happy New Year to you, my dear friend :)

Abbi said...

Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you as well! It is super fun to have creative children. I love doing things with them.

Connie said...

I am so impressed. Stretching your history studies into making clothes and dressing for the time period is a fabulous idea and one that I'm sure will help to keep the history lessons alive and fresh in their memories. I was especially impressed with Megan making her dress by hand, that is truly an accomplishment. How many young girls can make a claim to doing that . . . not many, not many at all:)
Thank you for visiting my blog and for following my blogging journey. I'm looking forward to becoming great blogging friends to to sharing ideas.
God bless you and yours.
Connie :)
P.S. I'm going to click your follow button when I close my comment:)

Abbi said...

We love making history as "real" as we can. It makes it really fun. Megan really enjoys sewing and it has been fun to watch her progress in it.


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