Monday, March 26, 2018

Raising Passionate Jesus Followers {Book Review}

I was blessed to be able to read "Raising Passionate Jesus Followers - The Power of Intentional Parenting" by Phil and Diane Comer just lately. When that book was offered to me for review it was a pretty much immediate "Yes!" on my part. By far my biggest goal in life is that I would be a passionate Jesus follower and that I could raise my kids to be that as well and also that I could influence others to follow Jesus passionately too. Yes I have many other goals and dreams for me children as well but this one is by far the top goal. So even if they aren't great at schoolwork and don't land a high paying job but are passionately following Jesus Christ I will be very thankful!

 Things that I loved about the book:

  • They shared a lot of scripture.
  • They were very real and honest in speaking of their experience.
  • They share a lot of real life stories
  • They emphasize the importance of getting the Word of God in our lives.
  • They unashamedly speak of following scriptural directions in disciplining your children.
  • They also very strongly speak of the need for balance between Discipline, "Affection, Affirmation and Fun" and Order all of those sitting on the foundation of Jesus.
  • They focused on all the years of parenting from little to having adult children.

I really appreciate their explaining that in order to raise Passionate Jesus followers that you need to be one too. This is such a very important concept. We need to be examples to our children. If we want them to study and know the Bible than we had better be making time to do that in our lives. If we want them to have a vibrant prayer life then we should be working on that too. If we want our children to seek God's will and walk in His Spirit than we should be seeking to do that too.

 The only issue that I remember having with the book was in the areas when they were sharing about children becoming Christians and they seemed to think that happened before baptism with baptism coming after and I don't believe that is what the Bible teaches.

 You can find this book on Amazon and other places as well. I very much recommend it. May you be encouraged by it!

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