Saturday, January 19, 2019

Foraged Bouquet Challenge

 So I had mentioned in my goals I was wanting to make a bouquet every week from things that I picked. I missed the first couple of weeks of this year but here is one for this week. The items for this bouquet were gathered in a walk back from our mailbox.

 It is very cold (it has been below -30 today) and snowy so not a lot is growing but it is still amazing the beauty that can be seen. This bouquet was made with pinecones and greenery from a white pine tree.
The cones had a lot of sticky sap on them which I got all over my fingers but I recently figured out a trick for getting it off very nicely. I wash my hands with soap (which cuts a little bit of the stickiness but not much) then I rubbed vasoline all over my hands and then washed them again with soap. It cleaned it all up.

  What do you have around your place that is making your place pretty? Can you create a bouquet from what you have?


Brenda Fricke said...

So simple and beautiful! I can only imagine how lovely your homestead must be this time of year. This Florida girl misses the few years of living up north and experiencing the beauty of all four seasons :)

Amy and Mark said...

SO beautiful! And SO cold there! Our high here was 12 today and we thought it was cold! I cannot imagine much colder!

Connie said...

Abbi, this is one of the sweetest posts ever . . . we do seem to forget that there is beauty to be found all around us, if we just stop long enough to look. I'm very guilty of not seeing much beauty this time of the year. I feel like the world is brown and dead, but truly it is just in it's slumber and in stopping and looking around, you just might find a beautiful winter bouquet of pine cones and needles. Thank you for reminding me. I think that I'm going outside tomorrow and find myself a little nature bouquet to bring in and enjoy :)
Have a lovely evening.
Connie :)

Abbi said...

Thank you all so much! Winter is beautiful here. It is also cold but we just dress warmly and don't go out a ton when it gets super cold and we get along just fine. Aaron still spends quite a lot of time outside even when the temperature dips below zero and he sometimes complains of being hot because he is so active.


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