Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Decorating with what I have

I like things to be pretty! God made so many beautiful things and I think He must like things pretty too. With our busy family it isn't hard to soon have a cluttered and messy house and not take much time to make it look beautiful. I have been trying lately to work on beautifying our home in simple ways using things we have on hand.
For the entry way:
~A beautiful rose teacup, a gift that I hadn't been sure where to put fit perfectly with my other pink and burgundy and rose stuff in the entry.
~A "new" ceramic vase (from freecycle) with roses on it along with some silk flowers that I had extra make a nice touch.
I love the way it looks and smile when I see it.
This tulip broke off in our garden and so we stuck them in a little jar and it brightened the corner of our bathroom.

When I brought the peaches home from the store at first they were just in a bag on the counter making it look cluttered. Then I decided to put them in a pretty bowl ~ instantly they became a decoration!

Simple ways to make a home pretty certianly work for me!
What are simple ways that you like to beautify your home?

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Becky R said...

that looks great. I am not really into decorating yet. I am thinking of stuff to do in my house. I am going to see if I can decorate each room with $50 or less, including paint. The challenge includes my front hall, living room, & kitchen.
I will let you know how it goes.


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