Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh so pretty flowers

One of my projects last week was putting together flowers for a wedding. Though I try not to bore you with all the weddings I do, I really loved the colors of these and had such a great helper that I had to share.
The selected colors were purple, white and green. It was the same colors as for Ken and My wedding which is why I especially enjoyed them.
Megan was my special helper. When I do weddings sometimes one of the kids will particularly want to help but not always, last week Megan came down to my office and offered her services. Figuring out how a 3 year old could help and not hinder the process wasn't automatically easy but we got it worked out.
When I was making boutonnieres (The grooms is pictured above, made from a purple lisianthas and I made the others from white roses) she was able to get the pins out for me and even push them in, mist them and place them in their box and then carefully hand me a new rose for the next one. After the Boutonnieres I made wrist corsages. Megan was watching away while I did the first one and then I had to leave the room quickly to go check on something concerning the bigger kids. When I was heading back to the room Megan was crying loudly and I got concerned thinking "Oh no, how did she hurt herself?" as there were a knife, scissors and pins all down there. As I came in the room she was coming towards me carrying the box where I had instructed her to put the wrist corsage and she was crying "I can't do it!" I looked in the box to see the one I had made as well as one she had tried to make in my absence. It was one little rose with a wire wrapped around its stem, a pin stuck in it and kind of pressed in a wrist corsage holder.
I attempted to comfort her, while not laughing over her sweet little attempts to do my job while I was away. Megan constantly delights and amuses us with her attempts to be all grown up!
This is the brides bouquet. All the flowers for this wedding were fairly simple, not elaborate.
You can't see in this picture but the stems were all wrapped in purple satin ribbon with was very pretty.
I got to make 3 floral headpieces. The bride got one for the flower girl and two little girls she had called her angels who were to help carry her train. I think these are pretty fun to make and look super sweet on little girls.

To make one (and you can do it with fresh, dried or silk flowers) simply make a wire circle the right size to go around the recipients head. Since I use fairly thin florist wire I make it two strands thick. Then you cover it with florist tape (the stretchy stuff) so their are no pointy places on it. Then starting in the middle of the front on one side you place the flower next to the wire and using florist tape again you tape it in place, going around the flower stem and the wire quite a few times. Keep adding more flowers and greenery (Ivy leaves work well) as you go down the side. Make sure that you kind of rotate where you place the flowers so you have some laying more at the middle of the wire, some at the top and some on the outside (but none on the bottom) so the wreath has good form. Work your way down the one side and then go over and do the other side. Finally at the back you can tie a bow in place. Mist with water and use soon if it is fresh!

That was our fun project for last week! All the kids got to go with me for the delivery as it was on a Friday while Ken was still working. They thought that was pretty fun.

I am curious, What color of flowers did you have for your wedding? Or if you aren't married what do you think you would chose?


Kathryn said...

My wedding was mid-1980's so my colors were silver gray and rose pink. Poor groomsmen, they had rose pink ties and cummerbunds. I was a young bride and didn't realize how much teasing my husband to be got for this, but they all wore them.

Ang said...

I had white roses tip with blue. I loved them. My colors were like a silver gray and blue and we all wore pants except the flower girl had a dress.

Abbi said...

Kathryn~ for one of the Weddings I am doing soon she is having pretty much everything a Fuschia pink. The guys have pink ties and I think vests and many of them have pink flowers (some will get white) and she was telling me that she is even hoping to have a pink cake. I asked her how he finance liked it and she said he didn't mind because he wasn't having to wear a pink tie.

Angie, I like silver gray and blue together a lot. It would have been fun to be there. I did get to see a few pictures.

Anonymous said...

Well you know what I had. I like the story about Megan, pretty sweet little girl! Anna

Becky R said...

Your arrangements are great! I love that your daughter was helping!!!

me said...

What a beautiful wrist corsage! (The other flowers are lovely as well.) And what a sweet story about Megan's efforts to help. :)


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