Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curing Hiccups!

Don't you just love it when you are merrily going about your day and all of a sudden when you are trying to talk a big "Hic- cup" comes out instead?

Oh you don't love that?

Well we have a solution when that happens at our house. Quick! To the refrigerator, throw open the door, grab the peanut butter (Okay, so now most of you are thinking- "What!? Peanut butter in the fridge!?" Yes at our house it is. It goes back to our moms buying healthy peanut butter which should stay in the fridge so it doesn't get rancid. Even though our peanut butter (I hate to admit) is not usually the healthy kind, old habits die very hard- but anyway) quick pick up a spoon and put a whole spoonful in your mouth!

At this point everybody else in the house is thinking this looks like fun and joining you for a peanut butter snack.

But Really! This method almost always works for us. Unlike some other methods I have heard of. Everybody in our household (except Ken who can't quite get himself to eat large spoonfuls of peanut butter- which the rest of us love!) uses this method and it is rare when it doesn't work.

Now its your turn - what do you use at your house to cure hiccups? I have heard so many, but I thought it would be fun to see just how many you all can share. Usually they seem just a little funny but somebody always seems to think they work wonderfully.


Betsy said...

The ol' hold-your-breath-while-swallowing-ten-times always works for me :) (However, Winn can't get it to work for him.) We both love peanut butter, so we'll have to try your method!

Betsy said...

ps - Where does your mom get her "healthy peanut butter," and what brand is it?

Wanda said...

Worcestershire sauce!

No joke!

Same thing....a teaspoon....supposed to do the trick. My kids think it really helps!

Abbi said...

Thanks for sharing other rememdys!

Betsy, Mom usually gets her healthy peanut butter at the grocery store now. Our store brand even has the natural kind. When I was a kid we got it through the health food co-op. I will get the natural peanut butter once and a while but I get kind of lazy about wanting to stir all the oil in and Ken and the kids just don't like it very well.

The Tripletts said...

Hi Abby, I just saw your comment on my site. Ryan goes up to Marcil(sp?), MN just north of Grand Rapids. The little resort is called Spider Lake Resort. He use to go there all the time growing up. Does anyone have any cures for baby hiccups? Teagan gets them all the time!

Anonymous said...

Renee` baby hiccups are developing their diaphragm and ussually they don't really bother them (in my experience). So you shouldn't need to absolve him of them :)


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