Friday, August 21, 2009

What I want for my children...

Sometimes we have fun talking about what our kids will be like when they grow up. I dream about them all being really musical, Ken dreams about the boys being great pitchers or we think of different things they might be good at like, maybe Mara will enjoy helping me do flowers for weddings, perhaps Jonathan will be an accountant or a carpenter. We think of Aaron as a politician, a preacher or a sales person and Megan as a loving and energetic mother. It is fun to imagine what life might be like but you know what?... concerning those things we don't really care.

I know some people want their children to be rich and famous or maybe have a doctorate in some field. You know what?... I don't care about that either. I have been thinking about what I really want for my kids and it is:
~ That they would always seek to follow our Savior. This is the one that really truly matters and if they get this one right I will be so blessed! This is the one that matters for eternity. The others that I am listing below are things that I think are helpful for a happy life.
~That they would be willing workers. Enjoying work makes life ever so much more pleasant! Others also appreciate hard workers.
~That they would have a love of learning. I really don't care if any of my children end up with college degrees, what I do hope is that they always look at life as an exciting learning adventure. There is so many fun things to do and enjoy if you only love to learn.
~That they would go through life with an attitude of gratitude. They don't need to be wealthy, if they look on life with a thank-ful heart they will feel rich!
~That they would be good money managers. From what I know, life goes much more smoothly when you aren't struggling with money problems.
That is what I hope for my kids....What do you hope for yours?


Melissa said...

Thanks for you post Abbi. The world our kids to have a degree, be successful at there carrear, and to be rich. The only thing that really counts in the end is that we have served God and made that our priority in life.

BlessedMama said...

Ditto!!!! Great words.

martha said...

Your list is a pretty complete one. I have been thinking about, 'the love of learning' lately as I get ready to start another year of homeschooling.
The picture of Maranatha makes her look SO tall.
You have beautiful children.

Cara said...

So true! We find a lot of the same conversation happening at our house too.

Anonymous said...
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