Saturday, September 8, 2012

A fun day away from home

Aaron in the Lumber camp store
 A week ago today we decided to take a drive over to Grand Rapids MN and visit the Forest History Center there and also go biking. We had contemplated going biking and camping for the whole 3 day weekend but this summer has been a very busy one for us and Ken was also just getting over a cold and we hadn't quite yet figured out how to haul all our camping gear since we don't have the trailer anymore (Megan rides on a tag-along instead) so we decided that we wouldn't be able to manage a big trip just now and so we took a small one instead.
Listening to the cook in the camp kitchen/dining hall.
 The Forest History Center was right up our alley as we love history and we especially enjoy going to living history museums. I had been to this one when I was a child but that has been a while and none of the rest of my family had been there at all.

 The Forest History Center has a nice indoor museum/displays that tell all about all sorts of things associated with lumber. There are a lot of neat videos both historical and informational (like how matches, paper and particle board are made) and fun things to touch and see.

Then we went on a tour outside that took us to the Lumber Camp. The setting is around 1915. There is a camp store, a bunkhouse, root shed, kitchen and dining room, saw sharpening and fixing place, barn (with horses), blacksmith and wood worker and then a houseboat sort of thing. There are also a bunch of lumber sleds.
The cook was ready to hire Aaron because he was a willing volunteer and could actually blow her dinner horn (I failed to get a picture of that!). Above he is wearing a yolk- ready to "go get water".
 When you come into eat you go right to your place and get busy and eat with no talking allowed!
 We learned more about saws.
 The kids got to try the saws out. These are great for learning to work together. They also work quite fast!

Checking out the houseboat. I think they may have used it when they were moving their logs downstream. There wasn't anybody at this station to tell us about it.

 Megan figured she could do the steering.

 We didn't get done at the Forest History Center until later than we had planned (nearly 4 pm) but we still managed to fit in an 18 mile bike ride and picnic supper. We did a section of the Mesabi Trail that we hadn't done earlier. I think we have basically done all the paved sections now and are looking forward to the time when more of it is paved. We do like riding on the Mesabi trail!

 Ken and Megan looking good!
 Mara and Jonathan checking out an old railroad bridge. Do you like Mara's colorful outfit? She loves long and fancy socks and also likes her tie-dyed shirt. For lunch that day we had gone to Burger King to eat and a guy in line wondered if she was trying to relive Woodstock. She had no idea what he was talking about so later I shared what history I knew of that time (thankfully though I didn't remember all the history that I am remembering now).
 The sumac was looking lovely. Mara and I collected some to make into a beverage.
We found an old mining lake to eat our supper by. Some of us got nice and dirty from the red dirt everywhere.

  It was a fun day that we had. I enjoy those times that we can go do a little exploring as a family. Learning together, enjoying God's creation together are some of my favorite things!


JoannaTopazT said...

We spent the day at the fall festival at FarmAmerica near Waseca, Minnesota. It is another living history museum if you are ever in that vicinity.

Sounds like you had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have such wonderful family adventures! We don't seem to get away very often, but we farm and it is so hard to leave home. However, being so far out in the country there is much outside play with lots to do and learn (we are blessed with 3 children)! I really admire you, and check in often. I love to read about such a strong healthy family. Thanks for sharing here! Shauna

Abbi said...

I checked out that FarmAmerica online. It does look like a fun place to go. I will have to try to remember it sometime when we travel to Iowa as then it would basically be on our route.

Thanks for your encouraging note. I understand about being more tied down when you have a farm. When I was a kid we were not able to go so much either as we had a lot of animals that needed to be cared for. That is still true for my parents. Though I do love to be able to "go" I loved my childhood as well and know that my kids would love that as well. They absolutely love spending time at Grandpa and Grandma's and helping out with all the farm stuff.

Nola said...

Just read this and it came to mind that have you tried hooking up the bike trailer to the tagalong? Thats what we do for my kids. My husband bikes with the tagalong with my 6 year old and then the bike trailer attaches to the tagalong with the 3 year old.


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