Saturday, September 22, 2012

A fun day going to see family

Dad, Peter and Holly
 My older brother and his family (The Gypsy's of the family as they move around from job to job- my brother builds log homes- and live in a 5th Wheel Trailer) recently moved to North Dakota so today my Parents decided to go visit them and invited us to go along. Ken had to be away at a show all day so it was perfect timing for the rest of us to go away for the day too.

  We had a pretty drive over there as the leaves are beautifully colorful right now and the fields are being harvested.

The 5th wheel isn't real big but it worked fine for us all to eat lunch in there and then thankfully it was pretty sunny even though it was cool and the kids had fun playing outside while the adults visited.
Miss Jaten

 Nick has long been a lover of trains and has a large collection of toy ones. He doesn't play with them to much anymore but was glad to share them with his younger cousins. They had a fun time putting them all together on the yard.

  We went to see the house that Peter is currently working on and meet the family that owns it (and who they have become good friends with). That was pretty fun. The family has quite a few animals and they live on a farm and my kids thought it was great. Both Megan and Jaten absolutely loved holding the "REAL" (Megan's term) baby kittens. Thankfully there were two of them and they didn't seem to mind the attention.
 The family has two daughters who are also homeschooled and all the kids hit it off quite nicely.
Aaron walking one of the sheep and holding a kitten.

It was a quick trip but a fun one! We are so blessed to be able to travel here and there like that and get to see family!

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Travis said...

Your day over there sounded like so much fun. Glad you guys could go. The picture of Dad, Peter and Holly is a good one.


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