Thursday, October 4, 2012

I don't buy.... Family pictures taken at a studio


It used to be that every couple of years our family would get all dressed in matching clothes and head to the mall to the Sears photo studio. There we would carefully sit in front of a fabric background and have our photo taken. Children would sometimes cry or they would want to play with everything there while the photographer took the required number of pictures. It actually isn't my intent to put that down, it did actually work just fine for us then but I am thankful we don't do it that way anymore.

Since digital photography has become common there has also been many more people that are interested in photography. Since taking pictures is not expensive (just buying the great cameras is!) they take a lot of pictures and many of them have gotten very good at it. My "baby" sister is one of those people. She loves to take pictures, does a great job and has a nice camera. We have had her take family pictures for us several times now. When we work at having nice looking clothes and good backgrounds (which out in nature that comes pretty easily) we can get a very nice product - much better than the photo studio pictures!
 This year we wanted to get a family picture and I thought it would be fun to do it with the fall leaves as a background. I planned to have my sister take them but it ended up that with her working and practicing for a play we wouldn't have been able to do them until this weekend and the leaves were falling fast and wintry weather was predicted (and it arrived today - we have cold snowy weather!). But thankfully there are other good photographers around. My sister-in-law (using my sister's camera) and our friend Benjamin (a young guy from church) were willing to be our photographers.
 We had fun going out on my parents land, enjoying the beauty that God made and getting some pictures. Here are a few that were taken:

The photographers did a great job. Our biggest problem was people whose eyes like to close (Ken and I are the worst at this!) and some people (Aaron and Megan were are big culprits here) who like to make very strange faces.

 I love looking at my kids in pictures and really noticing how big they have gotten and how beautiful they are.
Mara (13)
Jonathan (11)
Aaron (9 soon)

Megan (6)

 My sister-in-law (Molly Bea) suggested a kissing photo with the kids reacting to it.

How blessed I feel with the family God has given me! I also feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place and have some great photographers around too.

  Having friends take our picture saves us quite a bit of money especially when I find great deals for printing them too. I was happy to receive an e-mail today from Snapfish with a deal for 101 free photos (though I think I will have to pay shipping). That should take care of our Christmas cards! Yea!

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Paul Barber said...

Love your pics!! I really like the natural and fun poses! You are blessed to have good photographers!

Paul Barber said...

This is actually Venessa. ( : Our google acct must be in his name. ( :

Greg and Donna said...

Beautiful family pictures! We do a kissing one too!

Martha said...

Your pictures did turn out beautiful. Very fun too.

Lady Violet said...

What a beautiful family you are. What lovely,natural photographs. Such a blessing. By the way, maybe you could send some cold weather this way. I am feeling like this is a very long summer. The temps are still hot and I would just love some cold, wintry, wet days so that I could light the wood burner!

Abbi said...

Thank you everybody!

I wish I could share our lovely weather with you Lady Violet but I guess you would have to come here to share it. :-)

Erin said...

Particularly like the one where you're sitting on the log and the one of Aaron alone.

Gorgeous family. :]

Jackie said...

These pictures are great, Abbi! Your kids are getting so big. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing all that you do. I have been so bad about commenting, but I do love reading all of your updates when they show up in my email inbox. Take care.

Abbi said...

Thanks Erin and Jackie!

Lady Violet said...

This is not such a bad idea :)
Have a nice day!

Travis said...

The pictures turned out so lovely!
My favorite is the setting sun scene, so classy.


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