Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finding Rest in the Midst of Busy Days

 Hello Everyone!
I have missed writing lately but life has been busy and as much as I love blogging it has had to take a back seat just now.

  Getting stuff done on our property to get ready for building has been a fairly high priority lately which has left us very tired quite a few days. It is time to get the garden in. Wedding season has truly started and this year not only do I have the flowers to do for many clients weddings (and paperwork that goes with that) but my little sister is getting married next week. We are very excited about that but it has definitely made my life busier as well. Our homeschool baseball also got started tonight - fun times but it all takes time and energy.
Convention activity

   This past weekend Ken and I were down in Rochester, MN attending the MN Republican convention. After working very hard the weekend before Ken mentioned that it would be nice to have a relaxing weekend at the convention. Well we realized afterwards that relaxing wasn't quite the right word for it after attending 31 hours of meetings in one evening and 2 days. We came home completely exhausted and went to bed at 8 pm on Sunday night. I don't remember ever doing that before unless we were sick. The kids were able to spend the weekend with my sister in her family and had a great time but we had a good laugh because they spent much of their time hauling wood (just like we had been doing the weekend before) so their weekend wasn't super relaxing either. Oh well, relaxing can be over-rated. :-)
 The day after the convention a bunch of the endorsed candidates flew into our town for a press conference. I had fun taking our kids over to meet them. Above the kids are with Jeff Johnson who is running for governor and below we are with Mike McFadden who is running for US Senate.
Anyway - that is some of what I have been up to lately. I hope to blog more but am not making any promises until after Keren's wedding is over next weekend. We are working to get the things done that are a top priority and trying to get sufficient rest as well so we don't end up sick. Thinking of that - I had better head to bed!

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