Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home Sweet Home {Progress!}

 Things are happening around here in the home situation and we are rather excited! First we got an offer on our house yesterday and after some back and forth we have come to an agreement. So if everything goes according to plan we will close near the end of August. Praise the Lord! I hope the new owner will be as happy here as we have been!

    Progress has really been made out at the land this week too but I guess I didn't get very many good pictures of it. The excavators were able to come this week to put the lane in, pull up stumps and get things ready for the detached garage. The frame is all ready for the cement slab to be poured for the garage but we have been having a lot of rain so they haven't poured yet - they will on Monday hopefully.

  Things are looking kind of messy out there- especially when it rains but the kids think the dirt piles are pretty fun!

  My brother (who works at a lumber yard) dropped of the supplies to make the garden fence, chicken coop and garage. So we are ready to start doing some building. Today when we were working out there the girls weren't feeling the best so they used the piles of wood for taking naps.
 Today (Megan and I only helped in the afternoon as I was taking care of wedding flowers and dealing with a plumber her at our house) the project was to get all the fence poles cemented in for the garden fence and the chicken run. Ken used an auger that he rented to make the holes and then the boys and I got the poles cemented in place. It will be a nice big garden and a bigger coop and run so we are excited about that. Our neighbor was very kind to let us hook up to his hose to get easy water and then he also offered some extra space in his shed for storing our tools.

  It rained really hard for a big this afternoon. We all ran to the van at first but that started feeling like a sauna and so some of them decided to hang out underneath the porch on our neighbors shed (which is right next to our garden spot). Meanwhile I had brought a book along and was able to read peacefully all by myself in the van.

  It is so fun to have things happening!


The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love how close you all are!

The Tripletts said...

Where will you be staying while your house is being built?
I love hearing about your process with this land. I can't wait to see the whole finished project!

Abbi said...

We will, Lord willing, be living in the garage that we are building. We could stay at my parents but we like the idea of the adventure of staying out there.


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