Saturday, September 5, 2015

Harvest Time

 I feel like I haven't been able to really sit down and blog in ages but right now it is Harvest Time and that has first priority. My goal for a while has been to get something canned, frozen or dried and put away for winter every day. We have been doing that. Once in a while it is just drying an herb or something small like that but then there are days like today where I canned applesauce, salsa, apple butter and dilly beans - so progress is definitely being made.

  We are blessed that our garden is doing pretty well this year. We are also super blessed as usual because my parents garden is doing well and they - like always - are sharing with us. Here are some odds and ends of pictures that have to do with harvest.
 Aaron and one of his watermelons. He planted small northern varieties. He ate one small ripe one but this bigger one wasn't quite ripe. We will be waiting longer on the others. We did save the rind and I hope to make watermelon rind pickles soon for the fun of it.
 Some of today's canning.

 Megan had fun playing with some of the tomatoes the other day.
 Melons in the garden.
 We have eaten quite a few meals of corn. Unfortunately I planted my corn to near my sweet corn so they mixed a bit which makes some of our sweet corn not so sweet.
 It is a jungle in there! My cucumbers didn't go up the pallets very well. I do have them going over them more now than at the time of this picture.
 Our Indian corn is really tall!
I need to harvest the honey soon!

Are you harvesting and putting up food at your place? I would love to hear what and how you are doing it!


Simple Home Living said...

Very nice garden!

Lydia said...

I have been working on putting up some things. Have some tomatoes waiting to do something with. I need to ge on to applesauce and I think I will be ok for the year!


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