Saturday, September 26, 2015

Home Sweet Home - Ken's Office

 So I had said that I would give you tours of each room as it got finished - well life got busy and that didn't happen so well. There are a few places that aren't ready for tours as they had some finishing work that still needs to be done (a built in desk, built in shelves and cushions covered for our window seat and things like that we are hoping to get done this winter) but for the most part the house is done I just haven't given my room tours as I said I would.

 Ken's office is one of the smallest and simplest rooms in our house so it was also one of the first ones to be complete.

 Ken had made this desk set when we lived in Wichita, KS and it has taken many moves with us. He designed the room to fit his set but being a little nervous that somehow it would end up to tight he made it a couple of inches too big. Well it is a couple of inches too big. Oh well - it still works great!
 Ken thought it would be fun to have a two tone room with a woodsy wallpaper border. He chose this very pretty one of cabins on a river and I had fun putting it up.

  The floors are wood in here as they are throughout the majority of our house.

Ken uses this office everyday as he takes care of our finances/book work, does my business book work, works on things in his role as chair of our county's Republican party, does some of his work for his insurance agency at home along with other random things. My husband is a pretty busy guy and have a nice organized place to work in is important to him.

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