Wednesday, June 8, 2016

VBS - A long, fun, tiring, rewarding day

 We had a one day Vacation Bible School at church today.

Legos were part of the theme.
 The main theme was the days of Creation
 We had fun decorating on Monday.
 Grapes even "grew".
 Lots of kids came.
Benjamin did a great job leading.
 Separating waters was fun.
 What surprises are in these Legos?
 Let's eat lunch!
 The older kids learn about the solar system.
 It is a lively place.
 27 kids in one class!
 Ready to paint stars.
 Can you make an animal?
 Designing t-shirts with Lego men on them.
Being busy before they rest.

I am tired.
It is time for me to close my eyes and rest too.


Carmen N said...

VBS is always a great experience - for the kids and those that lead them!

Greg and Donna said...

VBS is always one of the highlights of summer! Y'all did a great job! donna

Abbi said...

It was fun! Thanks for your encouragement.


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