Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Biking at Itasca State Park

Yellow Ladyslippers were blooming all over.
 We are blessed to live within an hours drive of Itasca State Park - Home of the Mississippi Headwaters. This past Sunday afternoon we decided to take our bikes down there to go biking. Here are some pictures from that day:
 We rode the biking trails and then went on the complete loop around the park (we did around 18 miles) which also took us on a park road for part of the time. We loved seeing all the wild flowers all over as we rode. The Lady Slippers and Trilliums were the most prominent. I really love trilliums. We had them growing thickly at our first home in MN but haven't at our last 2 places.
 We stopped in at the actual headwaters. Aaron and Megan took off their shoes to walk across the rocks. Megan ended up slipping and getting fairly wet. A lot of people did that.
 I don't think I have ever had my picture by this sign before so I thought we should this time now that we live on the Mississippi too. This sign is a popular place for picture taking.

  It was fun at the headwaters seeing and hearing people of many cultures. I heard at least 5 different languages and saw all sorts of people.
 This is the size of the Mississippi as it starts. It is very shallow. It gets even narrower a bit further on.
 The trail was very full of hills. We enjoyed them going down but not always so much when we had to go up. It was great exercise.
 It was a beautiful day for a ride.
The towering trees are so neat.

Have any of you been to the headwaters of the Mississippi?


Nola said...

That looks like a really nice place to go. I love the trilliums! That kind doesn't grow in my area but when I was a child the forest nearby used to be carpeted with them this time of year. We do have nodding trilliums where I live, although they are rare. We discovered 3 of them in the bush portion of our property so we were excited about that. They just started blooming.

Jennifer said...

How fun and interesting too. I've never been to the headwaters or the Mississippi River. That is so neat that you were there for biking. What a fun family adventure. I also love the yellow Lady Slippers and white Trillium. We only have pink Lady Slippers and mostly red Trillium which are very beautiful. They are my two favorite wild flowers. The pink Lady Slipper is the state flower of my state, NH. Have a nice spring!

Carmen N said...

I've never been that far north in Minnesota - it does look beautiful. I love trilliums; we had some on our property but I think the chickens have eaten most of them :P

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What an incredible place to visit! I enjoyed all your pictures, and thought it was great to get your picture beside the sign! 18 miles sounds like a lot of biking, but well worth the adventure!! :)

Abbi said...

Thanks for all your comments. I love hearing from you. We had nodding trilliums at our last place - they were neat too. The place before that we had the regular trilliums but none at this place that I have found. I would love to see the red trilliums, I don't think that they grow in MN.


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