Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting Ready to Go

 We are getting ready to go on a backpacking trip to Glacier National Park and so we have been busy with getting all the equipment rounded up and packing up.

 When we went on our last trip both Aaron and Megan had some issues with their bags as they didn't have frames. So we tried to fix that this time.

For Aaron we were able to attached his nice bag (and use the shoulder straps and waist belt that were on his bag) to a frame that came from my dad. It was a super simple fix.

  For Megan it wasn't looking quite so easy. We didn't have a frame that fit her body. I went looking around town a little with no success. I decided my next option was making one but before I got that done we were out driving early this week and we happened upon a bunch of stuff (leftover from a garage sale) by the side of the street with free signs next to it. The rocking chair (that ended up being broken) was what caught my attention and though we decided not to get that we did find a nice little riding toy for my nephew, some dishes that I shared with some others, some dishes Megan took for play, a light fixture for a friend that just got a new house that they are fixing up and some freezer baskets and then we were about ready to go and Aaron looked through a box that had bags in it. What do you know... a small (well regular sized not back packing size) backpack WITH A FRAME!
I was so excited! God is pretty amazing the way He works things out. I just needed to attach a waist belt to it and it was ready to go.

 Aaron and Megan took a walk with their bags partly loaded the other day to test them out. They walked over to my sister Keren's who now lives (she and her family moved their last month) only 1/2 mile away. They did their walk pretty quickly and the bags worked fine. Hooray!

  I also sewed a couple of pairs of hiking pants for Megan (that are lightweight but warm enough and will dry fast and have pockets). One pair is a little wild but the other is a normal looking brown. I used stuff that I had on hand. I couldn't find my patterns (a messy craft closet!) so I made one up from a pair of her jeans. I will try to post pictures after our trip.

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