Monday, August 8, 2016

Sweet Stuff

 It has been time for some sweet stuff around here.;
Last week I made Chokecherry syrup, Rhubarb and Pineapple Jam and Peach Preserves (that didn't set so they will be yummy in smoothies or on waffles). We never made it to pick strawberries (except for a few wild ones) and didn't really pick enough raspberries or blueberries for making jam either so it was fun to try some other options.
 Today I extracted some honey. The season isn't over yet but my busy bees had filled up all of their boxes (I had 2 deeps and 5 shallow boxes for each hive so they were nice and tall) and so I needed to empty some out so they would have room to make more honey.

I did pay for my honey stealing with 3 stings on the neck (that rather hurt!) but a little lavender oil is helping them to feel better and next time I will smoke the bees and use a better veil.
This granola looking mess is the cappings that I cut off. I had fun snacking on more of the comb then I needed. It tastes very yummy!

Do you have any sweet stuff at your place? :-)


Carmen N said...

I would love to have bees. Do you have much problem with them surviving (or not) over winter? I know you live in a cold climate like I do.

Jennifer said...

Yes! We extracted 15 pounds of honey at our house just a few weeks ago.
Yours looks great!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

You are doing great with all the sweet stuff! I have never done honey, but it sounds wonderful! I have put up a lot of strawberry jam and cherry preserves this year, and frozen the rest of the berries to use in smoothies. Summer is truly full of sweetness! :) Have a blessed day!

Abbi said...

Carmen, I am sorry that I was so slow to answer your question. Yes, we do have trouble with them surviving the winter. I have only tried a couple of times but it has been unsuccessful both times. I am hoping to try Carnolian bees instead of Italians as they are supposed to be more hardy. I tried ordering them this year but they ran out so I have Italians again.

Abbi said...

Jennifer, That is cool that you are getting honey too! I am still working to get all of ours extracted. We have been very blessed with a lot and also have been very busy so it is taking me a while to get it all done.

Abbi said...

Spicing up Idaho,
Your berries sound yummy! We never made it to the strawberry patch though we wanted to. We love Strawberry Jam.


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