Thursday, December 8, 2016

To Joey, With Love {Movie Review}

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Have you heard of the Country and Bluegrass singers, Joey and Rory? A while back Ken had called me in to see a music video of them that he was impressed with. I thought they did a good job too but then forgot about them again. Then earlier this year some friends were over and we were talking about music (that conversation easily gets started at our house when they see the line up of instruments hanging on our wall) and they mentioned Joey and Rory and also the fact that she had just died. That evening after they left I started checking them out on Youtube and really enjoyed what I heard. I also learned more about their life and Joey's struggle with cancer.

   I have listened to their music quite often since that evening and have also read Rory's blog from time to time. So, since I have come to be very interested in their story (which is truly a beautiful one- in the messy way that life can have) I was delighted when I was contacted to see if I would like to review the movie - "To Joey, with Love". Here you can see the trailer to that movie:

The movie was definitely a tearjerker. You see a wonderful love that Joey and Rory have for each other and their infant daughter Indiana and then you go with them through Joey's struggle with cancer which eventually kills her. But through it all you see their trust in our Almighty God and the way He has worked in their lives. It is a beautiful story.

  The movie is done using a bunch of home videos that Rory and Joey took. So it isn't like your typical movie with the perfect pictures and the perfect dialogue. But still it is very well done and I think you will enjoy it.

   We watched this for the most part as a family (with Ken and Jonathan coming and going at times). There were a couple things that made my guys turn away for a bit - there were quite a few pregnancy and delivery tummy shots but nothing to extreme. There was also quite a few nursing shots that weren't to well covered (I am fully in favor of mamas nursing in public but we do encourage having shirts that cover the breasts well and that wasn't necessarily done in this movie).

  This movie is just an encouragement to all of us that God is in control, He is writing our story - let's trust Him in it - no matter what happens!

Here is one of my favorite songs of theirs:

You can find "To Joey, With Love" on Amazon.

Stay tuned as I may have a copy to give away after a bit. :-)


Cheryl said...

I was first introduced to their music a few years back by my sister, who was a huge fan of theirs. I began to follow Rory's blog, and it was just so heartwrenching to follow along reading their story. I was so hoping God would choose to heal Joey and leave her with her husband and sweet girl, but His will was to take her. I haven't seen the movie, and I appreciate your warnings of the content, as we would definitely not be expecting that. Will be careful if we do decide to watch. Thank you! And, I'll be looking for your giveaway, too! God bless you during this beautiful Christmas season!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

I too was introduced to them after her death, and I have been intrigued by their story. Thank you for sharing your review on the movie. I did not even know a movie had been done about them. I watched the trailer, and it sounded like a beautiful story, thanks for the heads up about the nursing parts. I agree with how you feel about it too. I will be looking forward to if you have a copy to giveaway :)

Abbi said...

They did send me a copy to give away so hopefully I can get that up very soon! :-)


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