Saturday, June 24, 2017

Making Cheese With a New Thermometer

 This is milk season around here. We are so super blessed to be able to get an abundance of goats' milk from my parents. Lately we have been getting more than we manage to drink. When that happens I generally start making cheese. I do also like to make pudding (and then pudding pops!), yogurt and last year I learned how to can milk. I also like to use milk in my cooking and baking.

 For my cheese making I was quite excited lately to receive a new thermometer from Cave Tools for the purpose of reviewing. What is really neat is not only can I use this thermometer for my cheese making but I would also work for jabbing in meat, for making candy or for taking the temperature of any other sort of food/liquid. It is neat because you can look at the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also can hold a reading with just a little press of a button even after it has been removed from a hot item. It also keeps track of other data. It is pretty high tech. But it is also simple to use. I really like it.
I tried a new recipe for cheese using my new thermometer this week. It isn't that much different from what I normally do but the result was different. It turned out nicely creamy and quite yummy. Here is the link to the recipe that I used.

I rolled it in herbs. We then ate it spread on sourdough bread or on my sourdough crackers. I really loved it on the crackers.

  I am pretty excited to have a good working thermometer for cooking. If you would like one you can find it on Amazon or at Cave Tools. At Amazon you can get 15% off by using this coupon code: LH58KB66 .

Do you have a kitchen thermometer? What do use it for? If you make cheese I would love to hear about recipes that you like!

Disclaimer: I did receive this thermometer for purposes of reviewing but all opinions written are my own.

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