Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting rid of stuff but feeling like we have more.

This week we have been going crazy sneezing having fun organizing and going through things around here. I am hoping to have a garage sale in around a month and so I am trying to go through things gradually. I do keep ongoing boxes to collect stuff all year round and I already having 4 LARGE tubs + collected but there always seems to be more to find.

  Anyway on Sunday night I mentioned to the boys that maybe it would be nice to rearrange their room and go through things in their room the next day. Monday morning I woke up to the sound of things moving upstairs and came up to find them already at work. Jonathan likes to rearrange and he was hard at it. I slowed them down a bit as I wanted to do some vacuuming as we went along (That was kind of my hidden motive to rearranging- to try to get the room really clean- but they didn't see it as all that necessary.

 After a day of hard work (and lots of sneezing from Aaron and I who can't seem to tolerate dust very well) we were looking on a rearranged room that was much cleaner. We had gone through every drawer, shelf and box, but I admit we put the desks off for another day!

 As we went along we were putting extra toys, too small clothes, some little kids books and other odds and ends into a box for the garage sale. We were getting rid of things but what was funny was when we got done it felt like we had more.

~The boys felt like they had a bigger room because of the new furniture arrangement.
~They had "new" and exciting clothes because we had gone through a box of too big clothes that was in their closet (That had been given to us a year or so ago) and found "new" ones that fit.
~They have had fun reading their books more and not felt the need to go to the library as much because I arranged them nicely and made it more spacious by getting rid of some.
~The Legos have had a new appeal (and that has been wonderful for this rainy week!) because we got a new container for them, placed them on a low shelf instead of the high one in their closet and also we found missing pieces all over their room.

  None of that (except the new Lego container) cost us anything except time but the boys are enjoying so much more what they already had. That is worth a whole lot!

   We have been going through other things this week too:

  We went through Megan's clothes and the boxes we had put up for her in her closet. We have found that she is as always over abundantly supplied with clothes. I am amazed at how God so abundantly provides. I do not buy clothes for Megan (I would if I needed too) but she is always well supplied. Megan likes pretty clothes so she really enjoyed going through the clothes with me. We had fun together time as well as saving a ton of money by keeping on hand clothes that were too big for Megan and pulling them out when they fit.

  I have been trying to go through books on our shelves that I have never read and either read them or if I determine they aren't something we want, getting rid of them. This week I have been so happy to find some literary jewels that I had never enjoyed before. Again we bought nothing new but it feels like new to me.

   This method works in my clothes closet too. When I get rid of things I discover clothes that I haven't worn in a while or perhaps I notice new combinations that will make the clothing seem new. Or I find something old that I can re-make to make it seem new again. It is fun to search for the hidden "jewels" in what we already have!

  I am now feeling pretty excited about going through more of the house!

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Penniless Parenting said...

I am totally with you on this one. We just downsized from a 980 square foot apartment to a 560 square foot one, and everyone is asking me how I am managing in the small space. Honestly, I have more room in my small home than i did in my big one. or at least it feels like it. Big homes make you accumulate lots of junk- when we moved here, we got rid of so much nonsense that was just taking up room. Life is so much happier now. Getting rid of so much of our stuff definitely makes us appreciate what we have, and makes us have more space to boot!

Nola said...

I am going to be working on it this summer when my husband has time to watch the kids and I can do it. He is willing to help but someone has to watch the active toddler :). The only thing I find really hard is how much stuff we have that we have to keep, things we don't use often but definately need (like camping stuff, or all the kid's clothes that are too small or too big still but need to be kept, since we are hoping for more children).

Sometimes its hard too since there are always some things that I know I am expected to keep but don't use. I sure hope I never put that pressure on anyone that when I give them something that they HAVE to keep it. I would rather they feel good by getting rid of it if they want to. I have someone who frequently reminds me I have to keep certain "family" things and makes me feel guilty about that. Silly but true.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Great job! I worked on unattaching myself from material stuff during Lent - and I really need to keep it up year 'round.

I clicked over from Frugal Fridays, and as I did, I realized that it's almost time to start working on Christmas gifts already! (I think I mentioned on here that June or July would be a good time to get started so as to have more time...) I'm already putting together some ideas, but I need to sit down and work up my plan of attack!

Abbi said...

Penniless parenting~ I am impressed! That would be a challange to go down to that square footage but it sounds like you are doing it with a wonderful attitude! I could probably learn a lot from you!

Nola~ That is hard if you feel obligated to keep something because somebody wants you too. I am thankful that I can't really think of anything like that in my life though that would make a much better excuse for why I do keep so much!

Lentta, I am hoping to get working this summer on gifts to have on hand too. Not just for Christmas but working ahead for all of the time. I think I will try to start the linky up in September but I want to personally start before then.


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