Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Joy comes when we try to make others happy

One great way to work on being more joyful is to try to make others happy. I thought I would tell about a couple of super quick projects that I was able to do lately just to make somebody smile. When others start smiling then I feel really happy too!

 One day I was cutting our watermelon (we have eaten quite a bit lately as I found some very good deals!) and it got to the place where it was in a wedge shape (like above) and the kids asked me to stop cutting because it looked like a boat. So I didn't cut anymore and we just put it away for the day.

The next day I got it out and using a melon baller I scooped out all the flesh, then I made a quick sail, stuck it in and then put all the balls of watermelon back in. I placed it on the lunch table and the kids were quite excited. It was such a small amount of work on my part but with some fun rewards!

  Another way that I have been able to spread some joy lately has been through flowers. My wholesaler sent me extras which I didn't need for the wedding I was doing so I was able to share them with some friends and neighbors. It is so fun to see somebody smile when they receive them. Again it was very little work on my part but it gave others joy which in turn made me feel very joyful too.

  There are so many ways this can be done, think about what you have... Can you send a letter? Can you smile at someone? Can you call a lonely person? (I need to do this more!), Can you share some freshly picked berries or produce from your garden? Can you read a story to a child?  Can you deliver some leftovers from your meal to an elderly person?

 There are so many little ways that we can tell people that we are thinking of them and we care about them and in causing them joy we receive the same in abundance!
I want to work more on doing projects that make others smile. How about you?


Along the Narrow Pathway said...

I am enjoying your blog. You "Life List" is a cleaver idea.

Abbi said...

Thanks so much! I am glad to have you here!


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