Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wool skirt project #4 {Boys Dress Pants}

Though this is part of my wool "skirt" project, these are actually made from womans' wool pants. This is actually the first thing that I made from all the wool clothing that I was given but I hadn't gotten around to telling about it yet. Back in March when we were having my sister take our family picture (up in the right side column) Jonathan was needing to black (or close to) pants to wear so that he could match the rest of us.
He didn't have any but there was some nice wool in a charcoal grey, so.....

I assembled the needed supplies: Old pants to figure out a pattern from (Or you could make it easier and just find a simple elastic top pants pattern in the correct size), wool pants to use for fabric and brown paper to use to make a pattern.

Then I carefully traced the old pants, adding room for seam allowance and being careful to make the crotch area a little longer in the back than in the front. I also had to add some room in the hips as the pants I was copying were fitted with a zipper and the ones I was making were elastic waist.

After tracing one side I flipped it and traced the other side making it so that the whole pant leg was cut from one piece.

Then I cut open the wool pants. I cut it apart at the inseam and from the middle of the front to the middle of the back. I DID NOT cut the outside seam of the leg. I also did not cut off the hem but rather I planned to use that hem for the hem of his pants. I calculated for that in the length and then put the pattern right up to the edge of the hem.

I also cut out some pockets and sewed them on the rear end section of the pants.

After you have cut out both legs (make sure to cut them opposite of each other) sew the seam in the middle front. After sewing it I also top stitched it on the outside.

Next step is to turn over the top and sew it to make a casing for the elastic (Because I was a little short on length I used some lining fabric to make the casing). Insert the elastic and then sew up the back middle seam. Top stitch that seam as well.

Next with right sides together you sew the inseam and then you are all done.
 I am sorry this is pretty vague. I have trouble explaining things in a very simply way without being able to show you, but if you have ever made clothes before I think you would find it very simple to make these!

I am sorry I don't have any good detail pictures of the finished product but as you can tell they worked. :-) By the way mud boots are a very necessary accessory for good style.

  This sort of pants is very simple to make with any large pair of pants. They can have a bad zipper, ripped out crotch or just not be worn anymore but ones with holes in the knees don't work.

What have you been working on lately? I made skirts this past weekend that I am looking forward to showing you too.


Martha said...

I was admiring those mud boots. :)

Anna said...

I think I saw the skirts you made in Keren's blog post, they are cute.


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