Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jackpine Retreat {with tips for dealing with cold weather}

Keren and Jaten, sitting around the campfire for church
 This past weekend we were out of town for the 3rd week in a row. (Going has been fun but now I am going to be very happy to stay home now!) This past weekend we were up north (almost to Canada) and camping at a Rustic Family camp that I have gone to since I was a baby.

  This post is dedicated to my sister Martha who we missed having with us. She was the only one of we siblings (there are six of us) who was missing this year. She was wanting to see some pictures, so here we go!

Kent and Christy and boys. Cody (wrapped in the blanket) was the youngest there at only 6 weeks old.

The boys, listening to the sermon and keeping their hands busy at the same time.

Megan eating her hot dog straight off of the roasting stick.

Some of the men cut down some dead trees. They had lots of helpers to haul the wood over to the campfire to burn.

More hauling.

Our "Kitchen"

Cody and Irindee
Some of the kids having fun riding on the riding lawn mower.

  Camping this year was pretty chilly. One night it dipped below freezing I believe and most of the time it was breezy and pretty cool. Thankfully we were expecting that and prepared. I thought I would share some of the things that worked for us to keep us from freezing. :-)

Staying warm while sleeping....
  • Put on clean dry clothes (especially socks!) before going to bed. You don't want to wear things that are damp from sweat, even if you don't feel like you have been sweating. It is okay to wear those things over dry clothes.
  • Layer up. At least 2 pairs of socks! I think I wore 3 shirts to bed every night too.
  • The more the merrier- and warmer! I certainly missed Ken this year (he wasn't able to go as he had other things going on in the cities) but was glad to at least have Megan for company in the tent. I had planned on sharing a tent with more of my children but they went off to share tents with cousins.
  • Mats or blankets underneath really help to keep you warmer too. However air mattresses or cots make you colder than even sleeping on the plain ground as they allow the cold air to circulate.
  • Wear a hat or hood to bed to keep the warmth in.
  • Of course extra blankets and sleeping bags always helps!
Staying warm during the day:
  • Wear lots of layers. Long underwear, turtle necks + t-shirts + sweatshirts + jackets will help you to keep warm.
  • Pull out those hats and gloves/mittens even if it isn't winter yet or even fall.
  • Eat warm food. We were certainly happy we had oatmeal to eat for breakfast instead of cold cereal and the next day Luke and Keren warmed up the cinnamon rolls and applesauce too which made them much more appealing. Chili soup is always a favorite for us to take to Jackpine Retreat.
  • Have hot drinks. We go through a lot of hot chocolate there.
  • Keep active. The more you do the warmer you will be. I didn't follow this real well, I would try to sit by a fire instead.
  • Enjoy a warm fire.
  • Laugh and sing!
Do you have any tips to add? Cold weather camping can really be a lot of fun as long as you are prepared. There is this feeling of accomplishment you gain when you "make it through" a cold night. It is a fun bonding time with family and friends.

  I thought some of you might enjoy this video clip of some of the afternoon music making.


Martha said...

Aw, thank you very much. We enjoyed seeing all the pictures hearing the story and I really liked the video, I sure miss singing with people who know how to sing harmony. We have been singing more as a family which has been a lot of fun but we are only a few voices.

jessicalolene said...

I remember some years being sooo cold. Looks like a good time. Bob sure is reminding me of dad lately.

Anna said...

The video clip is very fun!

Bonnie Williams said...

Great! I loved the video clip! One of my favorite parts of Jackpine....the music!


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