Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Handmade Christmas- Week 8 {Camera Accessories}

 With photography being a pretty common hobby anymore I am finding more and more people will have nice cameras. My baby sister (who isn't so little now- she is 21) is one of the main photography buffs in my life (though I do have quite a few friends and family now that enjoy photography and do a good job at it) and so when I started seeing various camera accessory ideas online I had fun making some for her.

  Maybe you have a photographer in your life who would enjoy some handmade accessories for their camera.

Here are the idea that I found:

A camera strap cover. The idea behind this is that it makes it look a little cuter and it also pads it a bit to make it more comfortable. I was first inspired by this one on Etsy and then I found several tutorials as well: A pieced one at Moda Bake shop and a simple one by Lori Danelle.  Keren did mention that this slips around some and so if I make one again I plan on adding a button and at each end so that the loop can go around the end of the camera strap and make sure the cover stays in place. I have not seen this mentioned in any tutorials.
Another thing that I saw and thought was rather cute was little "animals" to go around your lens to help you keep the attention of little ones that you might be trying to photograph. I had fun making a bird  to match the camera strap. I simply made a fabric casing and put elastic inside and then glued on felt, feathers and google eyes to make it look bird like. I was inspired by all the fun things in this Etsy Shop.

Other ideas could be a camera bag. That might be challenging to make for the big cameras and all the lenses and such but a little camera bag for a point and shoot would be pretty simple. I need to make one of those for myself sometime very soon.

  Do you have idea for homemade gifts for a photographer?

I would love to hear about any gifts, decorations or other Christmas things that you might be making! Please leave your ideas in the comments and if you have a post written would you please leave a link? I would love to check it out!


Vivian said...

How cute is that bird!!

LOL...love the idea.

HappyMommy said...

I love the idea of putting an animal around the lens to catch (and keep) little kids' attention!


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