Sunday, December 23, 2012

MyMemories Suite v4 {Review and Giveaway}

   Well, Hello again! It seems like forever since I last blogged. I know I had posts come up this week but I pre-wrote them and so I actually haven't written on here for over a week and that is a long time for me. Currently we have been doing so many other things ( a trip and then lots of at home fun activities) and I haven't even missed blogging but I am glad to be back and have a bunch of ideas for series to write this coming year. Sometimes a break is rather good for the brain I think!

 But anyway, Let's talk about a fun product and a giveaway of that product....

MyMemories Suite v4 is a scrapbooking software, but software that can do even more than create fun scrapbook pages. There are many ways you can use this fun software. The options for working with your photos (or you can even make lots of fun things without photos.

Here are some things I had fun creating recently using the MyMemories Suite v4:

A scrapbook page of our recent trip out to Reno, NV to attend Ken's Grandmother's memorial service. This page was used with a pre-made photo layout but I chose my own back ground paper and embellishments.

Above is another scrapbook page that I put together from our trip. This one was using a pre-made layout where I just added the photos and text.
Here is another scrapbook page that I made of some flowers that I recently put together for a wedding. For this page I designed completely myself and had fun find colors that I thought complemented the flowers and some embellishments to go with it.

  When I was having fun working on scrapbook pages Megan (age 6) was having fun watching me and thought that it looked like a lot of fun and wondered if she could do a page too. I did let her and that ended up being a very fun activity for her. She loved choosing colors, shapes and embellishments to work with. I did have to help her some but she was getting the hang of using it pretty well.
We both could stand some improvement in our digital scrapbooking skills but we had fun! :-)

Another way that I have found MyMemories Suite to be quite helpful is in making graphics for this blog. I did this one quickly the other night for a series that I am planning on starting in 2013. It isn't my greatest graphic ever (and I might make a different one) but the problem was with my skill and inspiration at the time not the software!
Most of my current blog series graphics were made using MyMemories Suite. This software could also be used to make blog headers too.
This software is also a great way to design your own cards, postcards and calendars. When I ordered photos this year to send out with our Christmas letter some of them (I ordered a few different ones) ended up coming back blurry so I didn't want to use them - consequintly I ran out before I had send to many of our local friends. I decided to make some simple postcards instead to send/give out locally. Our printer in only black and white but with the addition of a little red and green markers I think they look rather cute.

MyMemories is also very nice in that they have a lot of ideas in their gallery and blog and on Youtube. Here are a couple of their Youtube videos that help you to see ways you can use MyMemories Suite software.


 Something that I found really neat about whether you buy or win the MyMemories Suite v4 and that is that you also get a free 6" x 6" 20 page printed andbound soft-cover photobook.  

 The MyMemories Suite v4 generally costs $39.97 but if you use my coupon code:
you will get $10 off that price. Included in that price you also get the free photo book and $10 to use on buying digital scrapbook kits, papers and such (they do also have a lot availabe for free)

 If you would like to try to win a MyMemories Suite v4 Software please visit

 This giveaway will go through December 29th.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review our my own. I was not paid anything for this post but I was provided the software for purposes of reviewing.


Karen Propes said...

I have wanted to get My Memories software for a long time. Watching Scrapbooking Shows on TV really showed me new things, but wanted this software. I was browsing through their webside and fell in love with the Golden Christmas. I would love to win this software, it would really help me out with some projects I'm working on. I have a scrapbook with every visit from my Granddaughter in the last 4 years. It would be so easy to just add her picture and print. I have medical problems and sometimes cutting can be a extremely hard task. Thanks for the chance.

Stacey said...

Hi, I would love to win this. I checked the My Memories website and they have neat packages. I especially like the kids ones, like Jungle Safari.


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