Monday, December 24, 2012

Enjoying holiday times!

 One thing that I find very fun about holidays is how we will often set aside some of the things that keep us busy (schoolwork, going to work, having work come to us and housework) and we spend more time just having fun doing things together. Now don't get me wrong - I really like to work and I think it is good to spend a lot of time doing that but a break is also good (God even set that up that the Israelites would have a break each 7th year and then also on the 50th as well as the various festivals and Sabbaths).

  We have been enjoying a little different schedule this past week. Here are a few photos that capture a bit of what we have been doing....

Making doughnuts for breakfast.

 Going over to some friends for broom ball, fellowship and food.
 Enjoying the simple and pretty decorations that our friends had like candles in the windows.
 Getting apple braids ready to take and share at church.
 Having company over for lunch a couple of different times. Using pretty winter napkins that a friend gave us.
 Attempting to ice skate on the swamp- it was pretty low this year though so the report is that ice skating isn't very good.
 Working on a new rag rug. It is wool and I am really having fun with it!
 Finishing up some last minute gifts.
 Playing games a lot. We are enjoying a lot of Settlers of Catan.
Taking pictures. A friend gave Mara a new camera so the kids have been very much enjoying using it.

I didn't take a picture but I have also been enjoying reading. My sister Martha sent me some new books and I am enjoying one of them.

I hope you are enjoying the change of pace at your house as well!

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Greg and Donna said...

looks like lots of fun! We've been doing much of the same....for 2 days we've been playing blokus & uno and eating way too much chocolate!


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