Saturday, October 26, 2013


I have had some opportunities to browse online a bit lately and I found some things that I found interesting. I thought you might as well.

When looking for some easy sheet music for a violin student I ran across the website In it they do have some printable Christmas and Sacred Music both for Violin, Cello and Viola but they also have all sorts of other things to help someone that wants to learn the violin. There is a category called Violin Basics that has charts and all sorts of other helpful information on tuning, theory and much more. They have something the call a self guided string class and a lot of other useful information. It is very well done. I don't know that it could totally replace a teacher but it certainly could supplement one very well.

 I also found a post at Whole New Mom about using Turmeric Tea for Menstrual relief quite interesting.

My Mother-in-law mentioned that she had heard about planting little portions of ginger (like potato sprouts) and then it would grow a pretty plant which you could then harvest from. That sounded pretty intriguing to me as I really enjoy ginger. I found this website that has good information on how to do it. Since we live in a pretty cold climate I am going to need to try this indoors but that should be fun! Here is another website with info on it.

 Today Ken and I spend a large portion of our day at a political convention and before we left I figured I might want something to keep my hands busy. I have some pretty yarn that my brother and sister-in-law gave me for my birthday last year that I wanted to make into a hat. I went searching for hat patterns and found this one that I think it quite cute. I started it today. Hopefully I will be able to finish it sometime. I am feeling a little challenged by the pattern but I think I'll get it eventually or I'll make do. :-)

Since we have quite a few sweaters around here that are ready for repurposing I thought this idea for turning them into slippers was rather cute and fun.

  I was thinking that it would be rather nice to throw breakfast into the crockpot and have it ready and waiting in the morning sometimes so I went looking for recipes. Here are some I found that I thought sounded good:
 I hope you all have had a wonderful Saturday and that your new week will be blessed!

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