Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool Gray Days are Perfect for Projects

Aaron with a new waist pack/bike bag that I made for his birthday.
 The weather has been getting chillier - most nights are below freezing and most of the days aren't much above that either. That is okay - our home is warm and cozy and these sort of days are perfect for working on projects. I really do enjoy the changing of the seasons -we love the Spring with newness and growing, then Summer comes always busy with exploring and adventures and plenty of hard work, then Fall comes with lots of harvest and beautiful crisp days and then those days get a little soggy and chilly and we head towards winter and we enjoy all the cozy inside activities like reading, baking and working on projects and in the midst of winter we enjoy some nice brisk outdoor exercise like skiing too. I am very thankful to live in a place where we really see the season changes.

  We have been working on projects full force this week but I don't have many pictures because my camera decided to act up and not work. I am hoping I can get it fixed soon or I may need to do a bit of camera shopping. I feel rather lost without one!

Lately it has been moccasin making central around here.

It all started because I made Aaron a moccasin making "kit" for his birthday. That was after several mentions from him about how fun it would be to make moccasins. I was able to find a free leather coat and then I printed out some instructions from the Internet and combined it with some thread and a needle. I have been working on not spending money on gifts this year and though this was a very simple one it was a bit hit.

  Aaron started the moccasin making craze. I helped him figure out the pattern but he cut out the pieces and did the sewing. His are all done now and looking very cute!

 Then Mara asked for some scraps and she has been having fun making some beaded moccasins for a doll. (She doesn't play with dolls anymore but they are still very fun to make stuff for.) Then Megan made some moccasins for her doll. She did it all by herself and they turned out pretty cute. Then Jonathan wanted to make some for himself so we figured out that there was enough leather for that as well. Then combining the scraps with a few other scraps that I already had we have been cutting out a pair for Megan as well. So our living room has been scattered with leather (and needles!) but I do have fun looking out at all the busy hands while I read aloud. The kids love to work on projects like this while I read to them.
 I recently made a basket too. This was the getting started part. It is done now but I haven't been able to take a final picture. When I do I hope to share more about this basket.

  I also recently got out my knitting needles and got started on a hat. My sister-in-law has also been in the knitting mood and so she came over this afternoon to get some advice on the socks that she is making. I tried to help though I certainly am no expert!

   Jonathan has also been busy cutting strips for rugs. I will have to get busy making some soon.

   What sort of projects do you enjoy working on when the weather gets cool?

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