Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Working Together

This has been a busy week and one which I have been fighting some germs so I haven't had much energy for blogging but I had a thought (probably one I have shared before) that I wanted to share on the topic of marriage.

  Ken bought wood flooring to put down in our upstairs (I am so very excited!) and so this week we have been trying to work on getting it put down. It has reminded me yet again how strengthening it can be for a marriage to work together.

  Sometimes with Ken busy with his business and me busy with homemaking and my business we can struggle finding time to work together so I treasure these times when we can do that.

  Do you like to work with your husband? Do you ever offer to help when he is working on a project (even possibly working on the car - possibly you can hold a light in the right place)? Do you think that working together helps your marriage?

1 comment:

angie said...

My husband is pretty independent, so I cherish the times he asks for my help. He is always considerate in asking me if I need help too.


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