Monday, January 13, 2014

Eating outside around a campfire - In January!

  Our winter so far has been pretty packed with cold temperatures. Days that stay below zero seem more common than those that get above it and generally our days weren't going much above zero if they did at all. That is fine - we have warm clothes and a warm home and it is great for just doing cozy things inside.

  When we have a warm day however - we are getting pretty excited! Friday our temps got up around 20 degrees - we went skiing. Saturday the weather was nice too. Sunday things got even better. Going to church didn't feel cold at all! Come afternoon it actually got up to 40 degrees! It was warm.

   We have been taking down Christmas decorations and thought it would be fun to have a fire with all our dried up greenery and the birch logs we brought in. Aaron happily hauled it out and got the fire started.

  A fire was fun but wouldn't it be more fun to cook on the fire and eat outside?
 The boys talked Ken into running to the store for hot dogs and we heated up hot chocolate on the fire, roasted hot dogs and enjoyed a family supper around the fire.
 It didn't feel cold hardly at all. Such a treat for January!

Our other activity of the weekend was having my niece Jaten stay with us a couple of days. 4 year olds are pretty busy but also quite a bit of fun. Saturday evening Megan and Jaten cooked supper for us.


Jen said...

I often chuckle when we get temps below zero for a long period of time. Then we warm up to 20 and we find it manageable. Then we hit 40's and people are walking around in t-shirts. Here in NY we are expecting 30-40 degree temps for at least a week. I can handle those temps and even snow.

Have a blessed week.

Abbi said...

Thanks Jen! It is funny how we act, isn't it! I hope you have had a great week too!


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