Saturday, January 25, 2014

Home and Feeling Weary

We just got home tonight from a fun and full day and a half of cheering on our son Jonathan and his team at a VEX Robotics tournament. They didn't end up in first place as far as the points go or the judges' decisions but they did a good job, learned a lot and had fun.

  They figured out how to do things that I can't even truly comprehend how it works. I am so thankful for this learning opportunity for Jonathan.

  And now.... I am tired and ready for bed. I just don't sleep quite as well in a hotel as I do at home. Having a son that wanted to talk in his sleep (or kick or bed) in the same room as us wasn't so conducive to good sleep either. I wonder where he gets that talking in his sleep from?? (smile!)

 Good night! I hope you have a lovely and blessed Sunday!

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