Saturday, September 27, 2014

Getting a Glimpse of the Finished Product

 The framing on our house is nearly completed. The contractor is currently waiting on the roof trusses. Our contractor is pretty speedy and the lumberyard has trouble keeping up with him. It is pretty fun to have the progress at this stage because now we can really start to see what the finished product is going to be like.

 The view above is what you see from the garage we are living in now. This is the front of the house from the driveway. When you live on water I guess you are never quite sure what to call the front of the house - is it the water side or the road side?
 Here is a view from the back of the house looking into the living room. Draped under plastic is the unfinished fireplace.
 A fuller view of the back/ river side of the house.
 The rooms are all framed too so we have been having lots of fun going "inside" and checking out the rooms. The view above is taken from our bedroom, looking down the hallway.
 This is in the boy's room. I love seeing the windows framed and being able to check out the view from each window.
 Here is the living room taken from above. The living room and my office will not have a second story above them so they are just waiting for the roof.
Here is my kitchen window. I am pretty exciting to have this view while working at my sink and counter. We sacrificed a bunch of cupboard space to have this much space for windows but I think it is going to be worth it. I love my windows!!!

  The roof will hopefully go on next week. That will be exciting!

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Amy and Mark said...

What a beautiful view from your kitchen window! All of your cooking and washing dishes will be even more fun while you watch the water.

Things seem to be coming along so quickly there. It looks wonderful.

Also, we love your new family picture. I forget that we've been following your blog for years until I see how much your children have grown.

As always, thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

What a gorgeous kitchen window view Abbi! And I love the hint your pictures gave us of the changing seasons up there in MN. It will be a while before Arkansas starts coloring a bit.

Love your new profile picture, too.

Hope life in the garage is going smoothly and is still adventure-filled, not frustrating. :]

Enjoying each and every update!

Lydia said...

So exciting to see a house go up! I sure it is way more exciting when it is your house!!

Abbi said...

Thanks Ladies! You bring joy to my day!


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