Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Observations from Living in a Garage

  • I have never discussed so often and with as many different people about my shower schedule. Now I know there is good reason for that as we are lacking the normal method of showering in our home (garage) but still I do find it humorous to have people asking me about our showering schedule. And I hope that the questions are not because we so obviously need one! Just for the record, I am pretty sure I have only missed one day since we moved out here. 
  • It is a little more challenging to carry a pile of clean clothes up a ladder than it is to take it up a stairs.
  • Temperatures in the 40's feel pretty cold - especially when trying to type or get up in the morning.
  • A hot breakfast from the crockpot is so nice to get up to!! Mara made apple cake and had it warm and ready and smelling delicious when we awoke this morning.
  • Friends and family are so very, very kind!! Tonight we enjoyed supper that a friend made and then after church enjoyed yummy apple pie made by my mom. I also have been enjoying clean clothes thanks to my mother.
  • People, like your contractor, might find you a little strange for living in a garage (and who knows what all else) but that is all right. My brother who works at a lumberyard and sees our contractor regularly says he doesn't think our contractor will soon forget this building project and I ask "Why?" and they all just laugh. I guess maybe we aren't normal.
  • Using the outhouse isn't too bad - just very inconvenient if it happens to be in the middle of a cold night.
  • I guess I am glad after all that I was born in this generation but I can still appreciate the romance of warming up all your water, cooking over a fire and cuddling up under the covers to keep warm.
  • I am having to be a little more diligent about living in the Spirit because though I love camping and I was all excited about this adventure I still find myself getting crabby a little easier from dealing with the challenges each day.
  • It is recommended to have a decent mirror even if you are just living in a garage - that way you might not go around town with smears of charcoal on your face without knowing it.
  • I found myself much more hesitant about leaving Ken and the kids on their own when I needed to go out of town to a wedding last weekend. I could just imagine the piles of dirty dishes, the filthy children (and beds!) and how grimy they just might look in church without me there to oversee. Mara did go with my and I think my mom shared my fears so she offered to have Megan stay with her but Ken and the boys actually did all right - I shouldn't have worried.
  • People are interested in visiting you just to see what living in a garage is actually like. That's okay- we love friends visiting for about any reason.
  • If you thought my housekeeping was relaxed before you wouldn't want to see it now. I try to wage a war against dirt but it seems just a little impossible so I am considering trying to embrace it. :-)
I hope you can laugh with me about the things we are learning! And I would appreciate your prayers as I strive to live with God's Spirit controlling my life. 


Anonymous said...

I think you meant "shouldn't have worried" about Ken and the boys. :)
Have you thought about having some sort of "chamber pot" for night-time bathroom needs? That's what many people used to do (including my mom who grew up without indoor plumbing or electricity most of her childhood). We are looking into getting a camping adult sized "potty" that flushes with water (you do have to empty it) for camping, since I have a bladder condition and have to get up 1-6 times a night. Might be something to consider as well.

Lea said...

I had to laugh about your contractor! I think what you're doing is perfectly reasonable! But I guess that's just a few of us. :)

We take a regular large bucket (carpentry/workman's - those big white ones) with us camping and use that in the middle of the night rather than running to the outhouse. Glamorous, no. Functional, yes. And in the cold or pouring rain, very much appreciated! I guess they even make a snap-on toilet seat for those to use in that capacity but we don't have one of those.

Love your post - you made me think of spending summers at the cabin on Lake Vermillion. It was much like your garage (only one small bedroom and one large room with everything else), only with better insulation and just the lake for washing! Outhouse and all!

Thanks for sharing,

Abbi said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions! Thanks for the typo mention - I have it fixed now! :-)


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