Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our Log Mantle is in Place

 We have a real mantlepiece now! I am pretty excited. My older brother Peter whose profession is building log homes (who also last year got to be on a reality TV show - "Cabin Fever" - and was labeled "The Artist") had offered to make our mantle for us. The biggest trees that we had to cut down on our property we had taken (in lengths that fit on a big trailer) over to my Dad's where they were cut up on his sawmill. Peter and Travis (my brother-in-law that made the fireplace) cut one piece up to make this mantle.

  Today it was plenty dry and so Peter cut it to the right length, planed it and sanded it and brought it over here.
 Once here he had to carve out areas on the underside to make it fit right on the rocks that were placed to support it.
 Doesn't it look nice?

It isn't fastened down yet. We will remove it and varnish it before long. But it doesn't move very easily - it's weight keeps it in place. After varnishing it we will plan on putting a heavy duty adhesive between it and the support rocks to make it stay on even better.

That was one of the fun happenings of the day. We also had fun burning up some of the brush and punky logs and scraps left over from building. We roasted brats and hotdogs and made s'mores and Peter and family and my sister Keren and her husband Benjamin joined us.

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Jackie said...

I love your mantle and fireplace. How awesome to have such handy family members. :)


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