Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Making of a Man" {Book Review}

I read the book "The Making of a Man - How men and boys honor God and live with integrity" by Tim Brown. Tim Brown is a Heisman Trophy Winner and Notre Dame and then went on to be a star in the NFL. In this book Tim shares many stories of his growing up along with telling about life as a football player and then as a dad and husband. He tells of his faith and his struggles in his relationship with God and of some of the temptations he faced and some of the ones that he gave into. Tim is quite open and honest in this book.

  Mixed in with the stories are a lot of good lessons about what a man should be. Here are some of the messages he shares:
  • A Man is Thankful
  • A Man Uses His Skills
  • A Man Needs to be Humble
  • A Man Takes Responsibility
  • A Man is Mentally and Physically Strong
  • A Man Overcomes Temptation
  • A Man Knows His Priorities
  • A Father Leads His Children
  • and many more....
I enjoyed reading this book. It is written in an interesting way and gave me insight as I raise my boys. When I requested this book to review I thought it might be a good one to give my son or nephew but after reading it I did decide against it. Though there are a lot of good lessons in it one of the big things that Tim struggled with was sexual sins and so that plays a large part into the book. If I knew a young man that was already struggling in that way I would give this book to him in a heartbeat but to make a young man that doesn't have these issues read a book where it talks about it quite a bit - I didn't know if that was wise.

Disclaimer: I did receive this book for purposes of reviewing but all opinions are my own.

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