Saturday, July 11, 2015

Three Weeks in Pictures

All of our Saturdays have been busy, lately, so it's been a while since I wrote my post. 

Three weeks ago, we went down to our Family Reunion with Grandpa and Grandma.

While waiting for them to load the van, I discovered Grandma's wild roses were still blooming.

Half an hour from Bemidji, there was roadwork- a twenty minute wait.  So, we serenaded the flag man. 

At the resort, we met old friends and family around a campfire.

Saturday night my more immediate family gathered for pictures.

Finally assembled. 

After the pictures, we played for the people.

Back at Grandpa and Grandma's again.

The tomatoes were growing nicely.

Megan and Aaron and I went wild strawberry picking.

A couple of days later, a friend of mine invited us for a Victorian Tea Party.

I made her a headwreath.

Megan and I, looking serious.

Dad decided to saw up the stumps in the water.

We went honeyberry picking on Thursday.  They're interesting fruit.

On the way back we discovered an abandoned root cellar by the highway, along with a house foundation.

Intrigued by this history, we also decided to go to a museum with old buildings.  I was the "teacher".

      See you next week!


Arnold Elaine Kleinsasser said...

Thank you Mara for sharing the pictures you take with us. You seem to find wonderment all around you. That's a gift! I was wondering where the old building is that you were being the 'teacher' in?
Elaine K.

Abbi said...

The old school building was at the Clearwater county museum in Shevlin. It is a fun place to go and it is free. They have quite a few old buildings that they have moved there and they have them set up so that people can go through them.


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