Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Busy August

Part of one of my projects to enter at the fair.

 Sometimes I think of Summer as a time with a lot of extra time - that is a very false notion. :-) Earlier this summer I didn't think August was going to be all that busy but that changed quite quickly. We have extra stuff going on every weekend. All the extras has been what has caused me to be a little too tired to blog but I thought it would be nice to stop in at my blog quickly this evening and at least say hello and share a little bit of what is going on in our life.
Mara ready to head to the fair with her wildflower arrangement.

The first weekend in August (last weekend) was the county fair. That has become a pretty big deal for our family. We like to enter a lot of stuff in the open class categories so we stay quite busy getting ready for that and then we have to go and bring the stuff and then check how it did and then pick it up. We also volunteer at the Republican booth. This year the kids also decided to participate in a kid's talent show.
 The older 3 did a song together and Megan played on on the piano by herself.

 We thought it would be fun to go to the rodeo one night but when we got there they were already sold out so Ken took the kids on some rides instead.

 One fun activity which the kids just happened to get in on was the sheep race. Pairs of kids had to put socks on sheep and then get them across the finish line. All 3 younger kids participated. The boys were a team and they came in 3rd.
They thought it was great fun.

This weekend we had a wonderful time going to the Itasca Family Music Festival. It is made up of primarily family bluegrass bands playing.The majority (by far) of the music is gospel music, there are tons of homeschool families there and it is a lot of fun. We are rather worn out tonight from our time there - it was worth it though.

I also did flowers for two weddings this weekend (one on Friday and one on Saturday) I am so thankful for my kids who are great helpers.

Next weekend we plan to go explore Voyageurs National Park - a place not that far away but somewhere we have never been before.

The next weekend we are planning a big open house party to celebrate our house being done (at least mostly). It will be the one year anniversary of breaking ground on the house. Meanwhile every spare moment that we have is spent trying to finish up all those little last things.

The next week we have a Republican Banquet/Fundraiser that we are helping to prepare for. So that is something of what is keeping our family busy this month. So if you don't hear from my that much - now you know why.

  Do you have a busy month? What are you enjoying doing this month?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Abbi, it looks like you all are having a fun August. I love Mara's flower arrangement.
I could not get the video to play.
Jo Ann


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