Friday, August 28, 2015

I Love Light!

 I love light. I do think an occasional walk in the moonlight or starlight (on snowy nights that always works well because the snow reflects the little light there is) can be fun but mostly I like to have things light.

 When going out in the dark a flashlight can come in quite handy so that I do trip and fall on my face. Also if I ever have to work after dark - and we have had to do that quite a bit in our house building adventure - then I am going to figure out how to have just as much light as possible. I do not like to work in the dark.

   This summer I was given the opportunity to review a little light that we have come to like quite a lot.
It is not real big as far a size - so it is easy to store away in a drawer (or a glove compartment in your vehicle or a waist pack if you are going camping) and then it fits very nicely in your hand but for it's compact size it has a pretty nice light! It is 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches and about 1 inch thick. It actually has 2 lights on it - the big one on the side or a small one at one end. By pushing the button you can change it from one light to the other to the off position. It is an LED light.

 Some handy features about this light are the hook that it has that can fold out on the back to be used. That is quite nice for camping and for using as a work light. There is also a nice strong magnet on the back. When I was using it for working I was rather disgusted that our scaffolding, the metal on our house - nothing out where I was working was magnetic so that feature didn't end up being helpful for me but I think it could be - like if you were working under the hood of a car or something like that.
One night Ken and I were pressing hard to get the siding on our house done. It had gotten dark but we needed to get more done. We had turned on our outside house lights and also brought out our big work light but still when we were working on some of the fine details up high we were struggling to see well enough to get the job done. I brought out this little light and that was a wonderful help. I was able to hook it on the eaves of the house and then move it along with us to wherever we needed it.

  This is Jonathan's favorite light to use when he needs to go out and take care of our poultry after dark. In all we have been quite pleased with it.

  If you would like to get one for yourself they are for sale on Amazon. They do come with batteries too so that is a bonus.

Disclaimer: I did receive this light free for purposes of reviewing but all of the thoughts expressed are my own.

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