Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grin With Grace {A Book Review}

Grin with Grace - A "Study, Story and Steps" Approach to Grace by Kathy Carlton Willis is a fun Bible Study book that I had the chance to review recently. In this book Kathy explores grace that is mentioned so many times in the Bible. She talks of the abundant Grace the God gives to us through Jesus. She speaks of how we need to give grace to others and how we can be open to God's grace working in our lives.

The book is written with a lot of fun, interesting and challenging stories that Kathy tells from her own life. She also shares scriptures throughout the book that speak of Grace. She also has questions throughout to help you think about and apply what you have read. At the end of each chapter she has a "Grin-with-Grace Challenge" where she makes you think about how you can apply grace in various situations you may face. I think this book would be a fun one to go through with a group of women.

Here are a couple of things that I really enjoyed reading in her book and I wanted to share with you:

 "When God designed us to live holy lives and do good works, He designed the power behind our acts of grace to come from Him, never from our own stamina or intelligence. Grace flowers, transforming us not by our own effort, but by spending time with the source of grace.

Growth takes place when we are plugged in to God's Word and aligned with His principles. Through prayer we have a closer connection with God. When we spend as much time listening to His nudges as we spend pouring out our hearts to Him, we experience transformation." -Kathy C.W. - Grin With Grace

"When we discover the freedom of grace, we are no longer

  • motivated by the guilt of man-made law,
  • quick to judge others,
  • caught up in the lists of dos and don'ts,
  • bound by expectations others place on us- or we place upon ourselves,
  • shackled by the obstructions that hold us back,
  • exhausted from trying too hard in our own feeble strength,
  • performance driven.
When we embrace the freedom of grace, we are
  • free to love unconditionally,
  • free to obey out of love and honor for our Lord, not out of fear or man-made guilt trips,
  • free to be different (1 Peter 2:9 calls us a "peculiar people"!)
  • free to give and receive forgiveness without strings attached,
  • free to live a yielded life,
  • free to serve without an agenda,
  • free to give up rights. 
~ Kathy Carlton Willis

 I do not recommend to ever use a book like this as your only Bible study approach. I strongly believe that each of us needs to get in God's word on our own not just by reading verses here and there in a book that someone else wrote but in addition to your own Bible study and reading this is a pretty neat resource.

 You can find Grin with Grace on Amazon

Disclaimer: I received this book free for purposes of reviewing but all the opinions I have shared are my own. 

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