Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Bathroom Tour

 Okay, so I am chuckling a little bit as I look at my title for this post. This post is indeed full of pictures of one of our bathrooms but still the title "A Bathroom Tour" just sounds rather funny to me. Oh well, on to the tour....

 Months ago I had started working through the rooms in our house giving tours after we got them finished. Then I just didn't manage to get pictures taken and our tours kind of stopped. I am trying to get that going again.

  This week I thought I would share with you the room in our house that probably is (I do really find it hard to choose favorites) that one that has my favorite paint color, my favorite tile and my favorite cabinets. I also really rather like the old canning jars that we are using to decorate this room with too. So all in all, not only is this a very handy room to have (our only bathroom on the main floor) but I really think it is pretty cute. It is also nearly the smallest room in the house.
 When we were tiling this floor (the tile also goes from here out into our back entrance from the garage and then into the mudroom/laundry room) my older brother stopped by and he told me that laying tile at an angle isn't very hard and doesn't take any more cuts than the other way. He explained the process for doing it. Well, I was delighted with the idea of going at an angle because I think it looks rather cool.

   That tile laying day did end up being one very long day of hard work! We didn't have any tools that were cutting tile very well at the time and Peter wasn't correct about the fact that you didn't have to make any more cuts to do it this way. You do and they are harder cuts as well. But I am still glad we went at an angle. That day Mara and Jonathan were helping me with the cutting and I was doing the laying and measuring. Our tiles kept cracking in the wrong spot and we would have to carefully use the nippers to get it close to what we wanted. Ken came home that evening and we were about ready to give up. He tried helping us with the cutting and immediately gave up and said that simply wouldn't work and he and Jonathan headed off to town to either rent or buy a wet saw. It ended up that buying was about the same price as renting and so they bought one. Cutting went so much easier after that! We still had a late night of laying tile.
 The cabinets in this room are a natural knotty alder which is the same wood we have for all of our interior doors and trim and switch covers.

  For light fixtures in this room I had really wanted to get something that looked like old fashioned lanterns that a pioneer might have taken to go care for the animals in the barn. I looked and looked for what I wanted. I finally found some on Etsy that I liked pretty well but they were $100 each and though I was very tempted it just didn't seem needed to spend that much when I could get the ones that I did get for around $20 each. We ended up using exterior light fixtures in 2 of our bathrooms and our kitchen because I liked the style better and they tended to be cheaper.

   I really like our bathroom sinks which are all one solid piece. I choose to have a mat finish on this one which I like.
   I ended up putting strips of tile all around the tub/shower inset. I found out later that helped to up the value of our house. I just thought it might look neat. We have some of Mara's cross-stitch pictures on display in this room. I was able to find a good deal on Amazon for the ring-less shower curtains and I really like them. I am hoping to have one of the boys carve me a new curtain rod soon as I think one made from a tree would look neat.

  I purposely chose the color of the room to look complimentary with the blue canning jars. I am enjoying using them for decoration in this room.

  This summer we found a robins egg on the ground and it matched the room so perfectly that I combined it with a nest that we already had and put it in the jar for a fun decoration.

   What is your favorite of the paint colors you have in your house? I would love to hear your thoughts on decorating or organizing bathrooms or any tips for them magically staying clean. :-)


Amy and Mark said...

How pretty!

I love the blue and the special robin's egg!

Hoping someone will share a useful tip for keeping bathrooms magically clean!

Brenda Fricke said...

What a pretty bathroom! I think a carved shower rod would be a really nice touch. Please, share pictures when it's done? The walls are such a lovely color too.

Jackie said...

The bathroom looks great. I love the jars and the wall color.

Nola said...

This is neat, I like seeing other people's decorating ideas, especially when its more my style and not "over the top" with cost and fanciness. Yours looks beautiful and practical. I love it.

We are going to be re-doing our circa 1960's bathroom in the spring or summer (well, we are actually hiring out most of the work as we can't do it ourselves unfortunately. We will do the ripping out and painting and things like that though to save money). Our bathroom right now is pink and turquoise but thankfully has white fixtures. It is really worn out and needs to be replaced so that is why we are doing it. (We bought a dated house so that we could get a large lot and the layout we wanted). We are also painting the whole house (I took off all the wallpaper) and re-doing all the floors on the main floor (its a bungalow). So I have decorating on my mind. I love all the wood trim in your house. I wish we could do the wood trim but its a lot more money here so I think we will have to go with white. Our house is all going to be "earth tones" mostly sage greens and browns except the kids' rooms which they got to pick the colour (one is blue and brown and one is pinkish purple to satisfy two girls in that room).

What do you mean that the value of your house increased with putting tile around the tub surround? I don't understand.

What kind of counter top is that in the bathroom? Is there anything you wish you'd done in your bathroom? I'm trying to plan out ours but keeping it simple and practical yet beautiful too. I love the natural decorations in yours.

Also what finish did you get on your wood flooring? I am still trying to pick ours.

Nola said...

Oh I have a tip to keep bathrooms clean...but not magically. :) My tip is to clean them once a week, and not let anything build up. Its actually harder to clean if you wait longer (and it can be gross to wait longer, I know...but sometimes I skip the tub in favour of the toilet and sink and I regret it later). Also I keep a rag and some vinegar/water spray to quickly spray and wipe down the counter and sink and the toilet (the toilet I use a piece of toilet paper) in the morning after brushing my teeth and that really helps keep it looking cleaner longer.

Anonymous said...

That really is a beautiful room!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much to all of you for your sweet comments!

Brenda - when we get our shower curtain rod done I will try to be sure and share pictures in a post.

Nola- What I meant by increasing the value of the house was when the appraiser came she asked me (before we went around to look at everything) if we had tile surrounds for the tubs/showers. I said that we had a tile shower in our Master bathroom but that the others were all one piece though I had put a little bit of tile around one of the showers but I didn't think that really counted. But when she went to look at it she assured me that it did count and that raised the value of that shower. I just added the tidbit because I thought it was kind of funny. I don't really care what our house appraises at because we have no intention of selling but we did have to have a decent appraisal for the sake of our loan. Because our house came in with a fairly high appraisal we were able to get a better loan somehow. I really don't understand all of that.

The sink/countertop is called a faux granite and it comes in lots of colors and with either a matte and satin finish. We got it for all of our bathrooms.

So far I haven't come up with anything that I would really want to change in the bathrooms. I am thankful for all the thought that we put into our house before we started. We have been pretty satisfied.

I am pretty sure that our wood flooring finish is "Early American".

I do agree that just staying on top of the bathroom cleaning helps a lot with making it easier to clean in the long run.

Nola said...

Thanks for the reply Abbi! I just love how you've decorated your house (and your old one too). I love how it is all done so practical and homey yet beautiful and I love all the nature/natural materials themes.


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