Saturday, December 5, 2015

Life Around Here

 It kind of feels like I hardly ever get around to blogging anymore. I finally uploaded pictures (I haven't been taking so many pictures either) from the last few weeks tonight. So here are some of the pictures I had taken which show a little bit of what has been going on around here lately.
We framed up a bedroom in the basement and then Ken and Jonathan hung sheetrock in it. It is not truly finished but it did work for Ken's parents to stay in when they came for Thanksgiving. Megan has been enjoying the room lately too.

  We had fun making stuff for and packing up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
 Megan made a soft doll and then wanted a dress for both the girl and the doll that matched so I made those. I also made a tote bag and she crocheted a wash cloth. She also painted a little box that we sent some candy in.

 For this box Aaron and I made a jumprope. Megan made a marker roll. I crocheted a washcloth and one of the kids made a notebook cover. I made a totebag.
 Mara made her girl an outfit and a doll as well. I made a tote bag, Megan made a crayon roll and Mara made a crown.

  We did do one other box too but it didn't have much homemade stuff in it.
 Ken's parents came to visit for over a week and one morning we had a very fun time exploring some state land near our place.
 Our Kitchi dog is growing up so fast!
 On Thanksgiving day and truly all week games were played.
 The table at Thanksgiving. My parents were sick and didn't end up getting to come. We missed them.
 Trying to figure out how to make a "printing press" for homeschool co-op.
 The "printing press" in action.
 Juanita and I were in charge of the print shop were many wanted posters were made!
This evening we had supper over at my parents after coming back from a convention in the cities. After supper my Mom had my little sister Keren try on a maternity outfit that a friend had made for Mom when she was pregnant with Keren. We think she looks pretty cute!

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Amy and Mark said...

I love the picture of Keren in the dress your Mama wore while expecting her. What a special keepsake - both the dress and the picture.


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