Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Wax Doll for Megan

 I had mentioned that my favorite gift to give this year was a wax doll that I made for Megan. I thought it would be fun to tell you more about it.

  Megan has been expressing a desire for a wax doll for the last couple of years and so having never seen one available to buy I started thinking about how I could possibly make one. I had been mulling on this every so often for a year or so but hadn't truly come up with a plan. But when I heard her mention it again, shortly before Christmas, I decided I would just jump in and try.

 First I got some wire with which I made a very rough looking frame.
Then I cut an old t-shirt into a long strip and started wrapping it around the wire frame.
This was what it looked like after I had it totally wrapped. Rather mummy like, I think.
The next step was melting wax. I had to do this on the stove in the kitchen so I had to encourage Megan to play outside and then go read to get it done. My wax was mostly beeswax with a old white candle thrown in and a red crayon. I would dip the top of the doll and then let it dry a little and then dip the bottom half. I get rotating back and forth until it seemed to by sufficiently covered. As I got close to the end I worked to shape a chin and nose with my fingers. At the very end I pressed in two small beads for the eyes.
Her body shape is nowhere near perfect but it works.
The next step was to paint on her face. After that I worked to glue on her hair. I planned on using craft glue because I figured that hot glue would melt her but I could get my craft glue to work so I tried hot glue and it actually worked fine.
 The doll was done. She just needed clothes. So I quickly made a dress, shawl and slippers. I decided she looked kind of like a Spanish senorita so I gave her a flower in her hair and a fan too.
 I am not sure if Megan has given her a name yet or not. She has been thinking on it.
 She is a little flat faced and has fat hands but Megan has a wax doll now and she is happy. It was a fun project.

 Have you worked on any fun projects lately? Did you make any handmade gifts for Christmas? I love to hear from you!

Jenny Marie


Amelia said...

Oh my goodness! This doll is adorable! Did you just make the instructions up? This is truly amazing...I know your little girl was so happy to receive this precious little doll. I am definitely going to have to show my family the doll and how you made her. Precious!

Carmen N said...

Love the doll - I've never seen that idea before and of course she now has a one-of-a-kind doll made by her mother :)

Abbi said...

Thank you ladies. Yes, I did just kind of figure it out as I went along. I searched for ideas online for making a wax doll but came up short which is why I had to just "go for it" if I was going to get one made.


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