Monday, January 25, 2016

Fried Egg Pizza - Aaron's New Invention

 The other day we were working on our monthly menu and thinking about different foods and Aaron thought of the idea of making "Fried Egg Pizza". It sounded rather unique but he thought it would be good and wanted to try making it sometime. So we put him in charge of making supper tonight so that he could make his fried egg pizza.

  He made a whole wheat crust first. Then I had thought he was going to have a tomato sauce but he said no "that would be gross". So then I asked him if he was going to have cheese. Again, "no" - he doesn't like cheese with eggs (silly boy!).
 "So just eggs on crust?"
"What about maybe having a white sauce?"

So he made the white sauce and put that on first and then eggs on top which he sprinkled with spike (a seasoning salt that we like).
 It went into the oven to bake for around a half hour or so. Until the eggs were set anyway.
We ate it with green beans and it was really quite yummy!
Not very "pizza like" but yummy never-the-less. I don't mind if he wants to make it again sometime.

Our ducks and chickens are laying good now so we are blessed with plenty of eggs which is so nice!

 Have you ever had an egg pizza before?


SpicingUpIdaho said...

No, I have never had an egg pizza, but it sure looks good! You may have a "chef" in the making, he knows what he wants when it comes to food, and he is great at it! A win-win for you too... having great help in the kitchen! I may just have to try this, it sure does sound pretty awesome! :)

Jennifer said...

It sounds pretty good. When I was growing up, my mother frequently made hard boiled eggs in a white cream sauce and we had it with toast. It was very good and sounds similar to it. Good job!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have never had this type of pizza but sounds really good and looks super good to me. I love eggs!!!

How neat letting him explore, learn, and cook.

Abbi said...

He did have fun with the project and we all enjoyed the result so it was a win-win.

Jennifer, we have made the creamed eggs stuff for toast too and it does taste very similar. We like that a lot too.

Nola said...

No, I've never had that but it sounds interesting!

The other night I made a meatloaf in a skillet...I don't know if its an actual recipe thing out there somewhere but I made it up. I wanted to make meatloaf but I didn't have the meat thawed enough (and in the past I tried that and it wasn't cooked in the middle). So I used the ground beef and fried it up in the frying pan with onion, garlic and the seasonings I usually put in meatloaf (marjoram and thyme) and then I added 2 eggs (for 1 pound meat). I was thinking I could also have added a green like spinach or maybe something else grated like a carrot. But I didn't this time. I didn't add any of the other things I usually put in meatloaf, like oats and tomato paste, I just put in these things. Then I served it with mashed potatoes and sauteed cabbage (with a splash of apple cider vinegar and a handful of raisins). It was good and I will make it again. It was really easy too and fairly economical to use all those ingredients.

I love it when kids help in the kitchen. Tonight we had soup and apple cornbread (it is so good with chopped apples in the recipe, and we have some wrinkly ones from the fall to use up). My oldest made the cornbread and it was nice to just have to do the soup. I am loving my counter space at my new house as the kids can really get in there and help.

Abbi said...

Your experimental supper sounds good. I think it is fun to be creative in the kitchen and figure out ways to make things easier or to make do with what you have. I will have to try apple cornbread sometime. We love both apples and cornbread and I think our family would like that.
Bigger kitchens do indeed make it easier to have the kids help a bunch.


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