Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Upstairs Bathroom Tour

 So little by little I am making it around the rooms in our house to give you an online tour. Today I decided to show you the kids' bath upstairs.

  We went with a rather outdoorsy theme in here. Ken got to choose the paint color for this room. He was shopping with me and I asked his opinion on colors and he really liked this one. It wouldn't have been my first choice but it is growing on me. I have been amazed at how well it coordinated with our tile and then the wallpaper border that we got. This was the first room of the house that we tiled and my Dad came to help me do it which I really appreciated!

   The vanity is made out of Oak and has the solid faux granite counter-top sinks like we have in all our bathrooms. Ken really likes double sinks so both of our upstairs bathrooms have them. This bathroom also got to have light fixtures that were intended to be outdoor light fixtures. The laundry shoot doesn't actually go all the way down to the laundry room (though that would have been fun) but just into the hallway closet where the laundry basket sits nicely out of the way. It was designed to keep things looking neat and tidy.

   I made the rug on the floor and Mara made the wall hangings in the picture above.

   I have liked our hookless shower curtains that I got for less than $20 on Amazon. The canoe paddle used to belong to my brother. When I was still a teen he thought it would be neat to have a picture on it so I drew a picture and then he wood burned it on. Eventually it broke once when he was using it. I ended up getting it when he didn't want it anymore. I wrapped up the broken spot with twine and thought that it would make a fun decoration.

 It was fun with how well it matched up with our wallpaper border (which features both cattails and paddles in it).
Mara made this cross stitch and it went well with the wallpaper border too, so it gets to be in here also.
 For the curtains we thought it would be fun to do some leaf pounding. So using some fabric that we already had Mara collected different ferns from around here (this summer - not lately) and pounded their design onto the fabric.

First we laid out a pattern.
 Then she taped them in place (using painters tape - masking tape also works). And then she pounded on them with a hammer but not on the table - we use a scrap piece of lumber for that. Here is an older post that explains flower or leaf pounding in more detail.

  One of the interesting things about pounding leaves or flowers is finding out what color that they actually dye the cloth. Many of these leaves/stems ended up more brown than I anticipated. That's okay- brown works too.

  So that is our upstairs bath. We have more ideas for decorating in there still but I already think it is kind of fun and interesting and best of all - it works. :-)


Mrs Shoestring said...

Your bathroom looks amazing, I love that the children had a hand in decorating it and that it reflects a bit of family history too ! You really get a feel for the local area, it is a lovely bathroom !

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Your bathroom looks amazing! I love that your bathroom has touches from so many of your family members! Mara's cross-stitch is wonderful, such talent! Love the oar that you drew the picture on too, a perfect accent for the room. And the leaf-pounding on the fabric is something I have never heard of doing, but what a beautiful way to add a splash of color to the room! Enjoyed your tour today :)

Jennifer said...

It looks so nice. I like your blog update too. :)

Nola said...

I really like seeing the photos of your house since we are in the midst of renovating our bathroom, flooring and paint. Also curtains for all rooms and some light fixtures...its a lot of work. We have some things picked but we need some more things to come together (for example I have an idea of what I want my room to look like but I have to find some of the fabrics and such still).

How do you like the faux granite sinks/counters? We are figuring out bathroom counter tops right now. In the past I had cultured marble, which was fine (its fake marble) but it doesn't come in the size we need.

You did a great job decorating! I love your style. I am going to hang broken snowshoes in my bedroom (the old style) since no one would notice on the wall (they just don't work for walking anymore) a canoe paddle is a great idea too! I might use that idea for the leaf pounding, I never thought of it for curtains! Thanks!

Abbi said...

Thank you all so much everyone! It was fun to be able to have a room that reflects all of our family in some way - it was fun that you noticed that.

Jennifer - thanks for the encouragement on the blog update. I am still hoping to improve more but it was fun to get started on doing some updates.

Nola- so far I am very happy with the faux granite but I guess time will tell. I love the idea of snow shoes on the wall. If I had old ones I would totally do that too. I hope you are having fun with all of your re-doing and fixing up.

Carmen N said...

I'm curious - does the leaf pounding dye the fabric enough that it withstands washing? Not that I'm great about remembering to wash my curtains :)

Abbi said...

Carmen, I have never washed anything that I have pounded a whole lot but we have found it to withstand some washings. I figured that if it didn't on these that we could simply pound in a new design after washing. I don't wash my curtains that often so I wasn't to worried about it. :-)


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